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Culture | 02.21.2023

Wandering Bud’s Handmade Pieces Are Designed For The Modern Stoner

This team of experienced pipe makers wants to connect you with functional art you can keep on display.

Glass bongs and pipes are overrated. Although they do the job, these basic designs and lack of innovation are quickly getting old. This is especially true for the modern consumer who desires functional and artful pieces that elevate smoking sessions while doubling as beautiful decor. 

Luckily, the hunt for aesthetically pleasing smokeware is finally over, thanks to Wandering Bud. This internationally-recognized brand designs thoughtful smokeware for modern stoners who are sick and tired of the lack of visually pleasing products on the market.

When you’re ready to merge style with your sessions, wander over to Wandering Bud. See below for more information about the brand and a few of their best-selling pieces.

About Wandering Bud

Wandering Bud was founded by Riley Brain, who was on an unsuccessful search for artful and functional pipes and bongs she could display alongside home decor.

When she wasn’t working as a teacher, Brain was busy in the basement making clay pipes. Now, Wandering Bud has expanded into an internationally recognized brand with a passionate and local team of artists in Kansas City, Missouri.

Today, Wandering Bud prides itself on designing highly aesthetic smokeware for the modern stoner to use, display, and celebrate. Their pieces are handmade, ceramic, and incredibly easy to clean. Finding smokeware that doubles as home decor just got easier.

Whether you consider yourself a modern stoner or need a worthy upgrade to your sessions, wander over to Wandering Bud and find the piece you’ve been searching for.

Upgrade Your Sessions

Photo By Wandering Bud

See below for some best-selling pieces from Wandering Bud, and upgrade your sessions today. 

Lilac Billie Bubbler:  This unique handmade water pipe is Wandering Bud’s original ceramic bubbler. It snuggles perfectly into the palm of your hand and offers the smoothest, dreamiest hits you could imagine. Also available in other colors like Canyon, Moss, and Pearl, this Lilac piece fits perfectly on any shelf or side table when not in use. 

Canyon Nelle Steamroller: Reminiscent of an art deco skyscraper, the Canyon Nelle Steamroller is a large and straightforward pipe with a stunning design, also available in Lilac, Pearl, and Moss. It boasts a large bowl and spacious interior chamber for smooth, elongated sessions in one sleek handmade pipe. 

Pearl Orb Ashtray: Upgrade your ashtray with Wandering Bud’s Pearl Orb Ashtray, also available in Moss, Canyon, and Lilac. Wandering Bud took 2 years to perfect the design of their Orb ashtrays, built to be stronger, more resilient, and super stylish. It has four resting points for joints and fits comfortably in your hand during a sesh.

For more products and information about Wandering Bud, visit their website at

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