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Chill Steel Pipes & Bong Innovation

Style meets function at Chill Steel Pipes. Here's why their bongs remain unmatched.

The life of a bong user can be complicated. Finding a piece that reflects your style and aesthetic is one thing, but a piece that’s also ultra-functional is a top priority.

Unfortunately, finding a bong that combines style and function can be challenging, especially when dispensary shelves only carry cookie-cutter glass bongs with nothing really special about them. It’s time to start buying bongs online. Not sure where to look? We’ve found a brand that never disappoints.

Chill Steel Pipes is the maker of the world’s first double-wall vacuum-insulated bong. These pieces are loaded with unique features that not only make your cannabis consumption easier but more enjoyable. Read on to learn more about Chill Steel Pipes and their exceptional bongs.

Behind The Brand

The team behind Chill Steel Pipes is on a mission to help you make the most of your bong. After all, a good bong will never only do the job. It will improve your cannabis consumption through more enjoyable and flavorful smoke, easy cleaning, durability, and even water temperature maintenance.

In case you’re wondering about water temperature maintenance, Chill Steel Pipes designed their bongs to keep your water cold for up to 12 hours, thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation. Prefer your water warm? Chill Pipes can maintain that temperature too. Consider these bongs a premium reusable water bottle designated for smoking weed.

See below for more information about the beautiful and functional bongs from Chill Steel Pipes.

A Chill Bong For A Chill Stoner

Chill Steel Pipes is the creator of the last bong you’ll ever need. As mentioned, these are the first double-wall vacuum-insulated bongs on the market, designed to maintain your preferred water temperature for up to 12 hours. But that’s not all.

These bongs are made of super durable stainless steel and feature a sleek ceramic interior to smooth smoke as it travels up the neckpiece. Plus, the ceramic interior makes it incredibly easy clean, only requiring isopropyl alcohol and a good shake.

Need a deeper clean? No problem. Chill Steel Pipes designed their bases and neckpieces to detach from one another to make cleaning as easy as possible. Another benefit of detachable bases and neckpieces is mix and matching designs. Chill Steel Pipes offers a Mix & Match section that lets you browse various individual bases and neckpieces to make your own custom design.

Each complete bong comes with a borosilicate glass slide and a durable aluminum diffuser downstem. Get your own Chill today and experience what the finest bongs on the market can do for your sessions.

For more information about Chill Steel Pipes, visit their website at

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