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Learn | 01.25.2022

Five Outdoor Trips Where You Can Take Your Shatter-Proof Chill Bong

Who said bongs were not travel-friendly? Created with Chill Steel Pipes.

Every day is a good day to spend some time outdoors, no question about it. A bit of fresh air and a walk around the sights can turn a sad day into a delightful one every time, and why not elevate it with a couple of hits from an indestructible Chill Bong

This bong is the perfect add-on to a hike through the woods or a day on the beach, thanks to its basically unbreakable build (it comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, so there’s that).

We’re always looking for new-and-improved products to bring the cannabis experience into the real world, which is why we love this smoking contraption.

You’ll want to make the most of its relative indestructibility, so here are five outdoor activities you’ll want to pack this pipe for:

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Sunny Days By The Sea

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Whether you live right by the beach, close to a chill lake, or near a river, taking a day trip to dip your toes in the water and get sand stuck in your underwear is always a good idea, and it only gets better if you take along a Chill Bong to light up next to the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your swimming outfit basking in the sunlight of the West Coast, wearing rain boots on the shorelines of the Great Lakes, or dipping your toes in the Mississippi River, because packing a bowl goes great anywhere.

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Picnic & Pipes

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Slowly but surely, the weather is getting back to being perfect for every outdoor activity, including stoner-friendly picnics. You can’t go wrong when you’ve packed munchies, a bowl, and settled under a tree with friends to enjoy the moment, right?

Pick your favorite nearby park or turn it up a notch by going out into the wilderness to find the perfect spot and light up the indestructible bong. Laughter and fun are a given, and you won’t have a shortage of munchies to snack on and beers to sip on.

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Hiking Is Always A Good Idea

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No matter where you are in the United States, there’s probably a nearby hiking trail you can enjoy to its fullest.

From searching for the Hollywood sign in California and admiring the forests of Oregon to discovering waterfalls in Colorado and appreciating cacti-filled trails in Arizona, there’s no shortage of places to bring your pipe with you and enjoy the vast beauty that nature has to offer.

You’ll find yourself looking up every enormous tree, touching wildflowers, laughing away with friends, and admiring every colorful rock in your path.

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Date Night Under The Stars

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Whether you’re gearing up for a first date or rekindling the fire with your long-time partner, there are two things that are sure to make any outing a success: a bowl of weed and a night of stargazing.

Pack up some blankets, snacks, and your Chill Bong and you’ll be ready for an unforgettable night under the star-filled sky, enjoying the fresh air and searching for lit-up shapes and figures in the galaxy.

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Fish With A Twist

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Fishing requires a lot of patience, so this one isn’t for the restless at heart. However, it’s also a great activity to bring you down to earth, bask in meditative silence with your favorite group of people, or even to do alone when you need some time to think.

To make time pass by, you can pack up your pipe and smoke a few tokes to really get into the feeling of sitting by the dock and waiting for something to bite.

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