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Guides | 03.29.2022

Bong Voyage: Three Places Where You Can Take Your Chill Bong

You deserve the best bong, and Chill Steel Pipes is here to give it to you.

Summer is coming. The time of year that we’ve all been waiting for! A time to relax and chill with your favorite bong, while visiting the coolest places the world has to offer.

This usually leads to two crucial decisions; where to go and which bong are you taking with you? Keep in mind that traveling with your precious bong could potentially break it, so what about investing your time into a bong with a stainless steel body that won’t break?

The Chill Bong by Chill Steel Pipes is indestructible, so you’re able to carry it around with you freely. The bong has a double-wall construction with a vacuum in-between, which will last up to 12 hours, and is also designed to make your ice last for hours. On those hot summer days, you’ll be feeling cool, calm, and collected with each toke.

Ok, you already have the indestructible bong that keeps your ice intact that you wanted. Now, let’s choose the destinations where you can enjoy the best of your bong and trip.

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Colorado Mountains

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Have a look at the sky, take a few moments to yourself and take in the beautiful clouds and their colors. These little details remind you that you are part of nature and that you need to disconnect a bit from the noise. That is what you get when hiking at the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Even if you’re not that adventurous, don’t discard the idea of having a walk among the intense green trees or by a calming lake. These are the places where a bong does an incredible job, especially when the sun is hitting your face.

Taste the piney and earthy notes of your favorite strain while looking at the landscape. The smooth smoke blends with the fresh air and the tiredness of your muscles disappear. It is so calming and rewarding as if you were flying over the forest, watching it from above, and being caressed by the fresh winds.

California Beaches

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Can you feel it? The soft sand beneath your feet, the warm wind on your skin, the sound of waves crashing on the beach, and the beautiful orange sky in front of you. It all invites you to have a nice smoke with an icy hit from your bong.

The beaches of California are thriving in fun and people. Go surfing, eat incredible food, meet new people and listen to the music filling the air. The whole place is an amazing story to tell, and you are living it! Plus, the cannabis culture is popular and well-accepted, so you might make friends while having a smoke. Some of the best moments in life involve being in good company and a delightful sesh.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and drink water often. You will enjoy your trip and the high better when you are hydrated and comfortable.

Backpacking in NYC

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The sun falls, and the night lets the city show its best adorns. We bet you have never seen lights so pretty as in New York. You pull out your bong and light up your weed. The city is filled with magic, but you can always add more thanks to cannabis. Now the buildings are not the only high thing in New York City.

The sensation of walking on the streets of the big apple is overwhelming. Everything you see is different and monumental. There are so many places to visit that you think it would be a shame to just stay at a hotel. That is when you decide to go backpacking.

Many people go backpacking around different countries but doing it in New York is like traveling around countries every few streets. This city has no equal. It is a real adventure full of new experiences, and as such, you can’t leave your bong at home while living it.

You can smoke on the sidewalks, in cigar bars, and in private places like a car or hotel room. There are restrictions about where you can smoke, so ask first.

Every place you visit and every people you meet in New York have a great story to tell you. So go to many places, meet new people and enjoy the best of your life and cannabis.

Bong Voyage!

These are just some of the places where you can chill with your Chill Bong on vacation. They have unique experiences waiting for you to explore. Still, there are many more, and you might know one for sure. Everyone has their special place to chill and use their bong, you don’t do it just anywhere. And, as you use your bong in a special, you also use a special bong. Not every place and every bong are the same.

You deserve the best, and Chill Steel Pipes is here to give it to you with their amazing bongs that you can use on the go no matter the environment.

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