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Culture | 10.21.2022

Fernway Makes Massachusetts’ Best-Selling & Award-Winning Vapes

Fernway's products are carefully calibrated for exceptional cannabis experiences.

Weed vapes are perhaps the most convenient cannabis product. They’re far more discreet than smoking a joint, and they provide instant effects compared to edibles.

Consumers are quickly hopping on the vape trend for these reasons. The only issue is finding a cartridge or disposable that provides consistent effects and provides you with the experience you want from a cannabis product.

Whether it’s for a quick mid-day hit to elevate the mood or something to get you ready for bed, consumers have tons of options when it comes to cannabis cartridges and rechargeable/disposable vapes.

Brands like Fernway are leading the way with exceptional vaporizers that come in a variety of strains and flavors. The brand has become Massachusetts’ #1 cannabis vape brand for a few reasons, all of which can be discovered in its delicious, rare, and best-in-class vapes.

About Fernway

Fernway’s name is inspired by fernweh, the longing for faraway places. Those faraway places could include the euphoric state we experience after a long, dull day.

That feeling is unmatched, and that’s why Fernway set out to create exceptional vapes that celebrate the good life:

  • Good food
  • Good music
  • Good scenery
  • Good company

Fernway prides itself on its clean, delicious, and potent vaporizers that come in various flavors and strains. Its premium custom hardware paired with any cartridge from Fernway bestows everything you could want in a vaporizer and more.

As passionate consumers, you can trust that Fernway wouldn’t sell a product they wouldn’t use themselves.

Clean & Flavorful Vaporizers

Fernway offers vape cartridges in half-gram and full-gram options. However, the brand’s latest product is a true stand-out.

Meet the Traveler, an all-in-one vaporizer that’s perfect for on-the-go use. You might be asking, isn’t a vape cartridge good for portability too? Yes, that is true, but Fernway’s Traveler is a disposable vape that’s impressively recyclable.

“It’s not a disposable; it’s a recyclable,” says Fernway. The brand understands that consumers shouldn’t have to choose between a superior vaping experience and choosing eco-friendly products. Simply take it back to the dispensary you bought it from and drop it in the Fernway Dropbox when complete.

If disposables, I mean recyclables, aren’t your thing, check out Fernway’s cartridges. The brand has two lines; both contain ultra-pure cannabis oil and terpenes.

Flavor Line: These cartridges contain terpenes harvested from fruits, herbs, and other botanicals for the best natural flavors possible.

Strain Collection: Instead of using botanical terpenes, the Strain Collection features fresh cannabis terpenes for a true-to-strain experience.

Finally, all vapes at Fenway contain only two ingredients:

  • Ultra-pure cannabis oil
  • Terpenes

With such clean, sustainable, and delicious vaporizers, finding your new favorite will be a breeze. For more information about Fernway, visit their website at

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