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guides | 11.29.2019

Spliffigami: How To Roll A Scorpion Joint

If you are a fan of some serious herbal origami, then this instructional video for a scorpion joint is for you.

Want to impress your friends? Try rolling a kick-ass scorpion joint, with the help of this how-to video tutorial from Keepin’ it High. Our first Spliffigami we featured was the braid. This one a little more challenging. Hell its a lot more challenging, but we thought we would crank it up a couple notches for 420. 

Alright, let’s get to it.

What you need

Assemble the following: Scissors, Fast Food flyer from your mailbox, Needlenose tweezers, rolling papers, king size rolling papers, Honey oil/keef or both, and some good bud.

Step 1: The body

Using your king size rolling papers, roll a fat joint. Like I mean a fat one. For those of you who have forgotten how to roll joints, here is a quick recap:

Step 1: Break down your cannabis.

Step 2: Choose your paper & make a filter.

Step 3: Shape the joint.

Step 4: Press it down.

Step 5: Roll it.

Step 6: Tack it & lick it.

Step 7: Pack it.

Once you are done rolling it, tie it off or leave it open depending on how long you want your tail to be.  If you are ok with a shorter tail, twist it closed. If you want a longer tail, leave it open and we will come back to it later. make sure the bud is packed in there good and not falling out the end so you have room to use the keef on the end.

Step 2: Legs and pincers

Using your smaller rolling papers, create one medium sized joint, and three smaller sized joints. The medium sized one will be for the arms/pincers of the scorpion while the three smaller ones will become our legs.

Step 3: Attach legs and pincers to the body

This is achieved by taking those needlenose tweezers and poking a hole near the front of the joint (closed end for those who left one side open for the longer tail). Then gently push the one side of the tweezer through the body joint. This is the beginning of the hole we will need to push the medium sized joint through.

Once you have punctured the body, gently (with your tweezers in the closed position) insert them into the hole you have created. Lightly spin them around and through the body joint, to create a slightly larger hole, but not enough to rip the paper open.

Now you can push the medium sized joint through the body and bend the two ends forward. Complete this exercise again with the legs behind the pincers, but with smaller holes as the leg joints will also be smaller. Once the legs are through you may bend them downward to stand on the twisted off ends of each joint.

Step 4: Longer tail

If you wish to have the longer tail, you will have to coat the inside of the end of the larger joint with the keef or honey oil. You must then attach the rolling paper to the end and allow it to dry. Once it is dry you may fill it with bud. be sure not to over-stuff it or you will rip the paper as you try to bend the tail over the body. Once your tail is at its desired length, you may twist if closed.

And Viola! You have sweet looking scorpion joint. Hopefully, you may have impressed some people with your creation.

Were you able to successfully roll your scorpion joint? Share your thoughts with us on social media or in the comments below.

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