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guides | 01.01.2022

Spliffigami: How To Roll This Amazing Wasp Joint

If you really want to feel a sweet buzz, you need to learn how to roll a wasp joint.

This is one joint that is sure to cause a buzz. This time, we are going to tell you how to create this amazing piece, the Wasp Joint. The video from WeedTV didn’t show a time lapse, so I had to experiment myself to discover the secrets and I am sharing them with you.

Step 1: Tulips

The head and abdomen sections of this creature consist of thick tulip joints, minus the long filter. Roll two tulip bulbs of about equal size by taking two big Raw rolling papers, and gluing together parallel. Then, fold diagonally and glue the square into a cone shape. Pack it full, twist loosely closed and set aside. Repeat.

Step 2: Main wasp joint body

To connect the head and abdomen, the thorax, or middle of the body, will be made from one thick joint. Depending on how thick your tulips are, you might need 2 papers glued parallel to roll the fattest joint you can.

Tip: Take the papers and seal to the diameter a little smaller than the thickest area of your tulip joints. Slide a carrot or other thick cylinder shape into the tube and twist one side closed around it. Remove the spacer and fill the joint from the other end. Pack tightly, leaving the other end open.

Step 3: Attaching

To connect the body parts together, you will need to open the tulips a bit, and insert the ends of the fat joint into one. Cut several glue strips off of some papers. Twist the end of the tulip closed over the joint and use the glue strips to seal it on. Repeat for the other tulip with more glue strips.

Step 4: Wings

The wings are simply two long, thin joints. Once rolled, you pierce a hole on either side of the “shoulder area,” and insert them into the base of the head. Seal them to the body with glue strips, and fashion the wings with two papers cut into an arc on the unglued side. Glue these along the joints, and the wings are complete.

Step 5: Antenna and markings

Grab some darker rolling papers, like the Rizzla Licorice papers used in this video. Twist one paper into a tight tube with no weed, and cut in half. These two pieces are the antenna. Take a few other dark papers and cut out the body pattern pieces similar to the wasp shown here, or a picture you have handy. Attach the markings with small dabs of honey.

To attach the antenna, you can use glue strips from the dark papers to wrap the head with a stripe. Shaping the head and abdomen a bit finishes the task, and there you have it!

Did you get a sweet buzz from the wasp joint? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.

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