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Spliffigami: How To Make An Airplane Joint

When a regular joint just won’t get you blazed enough, get some higher altitude with an airplane joint.

airplane joint

If you want to fly really high, sometimes a regular old joint simply doesn’t give you the altitude. To soar like never before, you need a joint that will literally give you wings. Why not roll a cross joint airplane? In this Spliffigami, we will show exactly how to make your own airplane joint.

Step 1: Roll your joints

In order to make a cross-joint airplane, you will need a body and two wing struts. You can do this by rolling a variation of the regular cross joint, but for the big body, you need to roll a fattie, and it never hurts to put a nice filter in it.

In order to have full-size wings, you will use 2 joints, one on either side, instead of one joint pulled through the middle. Don’t put filters in your wing struts, as these will be completely smoked.

Step 2: Drill the body

Take a sharp pair of scissors or knife and pierce the body, about a quarter of the length of the joint from the end you will light. Core out these with the tip of your scissors so the joints have room to go into the body far enough to have support.

Step 3: Assemble your airplane joint

Put your wing strut joints into the main body. As you do, ensure that their bases will have good airflow. Jamming them in too tight will close them off.

To secure them, cut glue strips off several Raw Rolling Papers and use them to make sling supports, tying the wing struts to the body, and seal them on for good airflow with no leaks. You can put pressure on the wings by twisting the tip to push the weed deeper into the main joint.

Step 4: Fashion the wings

Take 2 rolling papers, and measure them along the wing strut joints. Cut to length, and then fashion the wing shape symmetrically by laying the papers back to back before cutting. Just attach them to the wing struts by licking and sticking.

Step 5: The tail

Take the excess paper you cut off the wings, and fashion into a tail for the plane. To do this, cut so it is about twice as wide as the tail, then trim the edges on either side of the glue edge at angles, making a trapezoid. Fold the paper in half, with the perpendicular to the glue, and crease.

Open slightly, and seal to the tail of the plane. Shape it up a little, and now your airplane joint  is complete!

What amazing spliffigami creations have you created? Share with us on social media or in the comments section below.

June 22, 2016 — Last Updated December 02, 2019

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June 22, 2016 — Last Updated December 02, 2019

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