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The VENTY: The Newest Vaporizer From STORZ & BICKEL

Check out the key features of this game-changing dry herb device, brought to you by a legendary vape brand.

Any vaper is familiar with STORZ & BICKEL. The brand has led the vaporizer market since the launch of THE VOLCANO in 2000, showcasing pure innovation through quality, efficient devices that bring out the best in your herb.

Get excited because the brand just announced their latest addition: The VENTY, a pristine dry herb vaporizer that’s breaking STORZ & BICKEL records. The team behind the brand puts ample effort and time into designing industry-leading devices, and their newest addition is no exception.

You’re likely familiar with the CRAFTY+, the first app-controlled portable vaporizer on the market. And then, there was the MIGHTY+, rated as one of the most powerful and best-performing vaporizers to date. So, what’s in store for the VENTY? Expect big, powerful draws, fast heat-up time, adjustable airflow, and much more. See our rundown below.


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A few features make The VENTY stand out among STORZ & BICKEL’s legendary product lineup. For starters, it’s the brand’s fastest device to date, with a record-breaking heat-up time of only 20 seconds.

It’s also the very first vaporizer with an adjustable airflow feature with up to 20 liters/minute! With over 20 years in the vaping game and iconic devices under their belt, STORZ & BICKEL never fails to impress consumers with exciting new drops like The VENTY. This powerful dry herb device makes customizing your sessions effortless, and it might be the most well-rounded device from STORZ & BICKEL yet.

Another neat feature is the brand’s newly designed convection and conduction mini-heater, designed to keep you from burning your herb while producing big, tasty, puffy clouds of vapor. Customization continues with precisely adjustable temperatures, ranging from 40°C to 210°. USB-C rechargeable with two high-power lithium-ion batteries, the VENTY also features a Supercharge function that reaches 80% charge in just 40 minutes.

Even cooler, it has Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled via the Web App—talk about convenience! Last but certainly not least, The VENTY comes with a 2-year warranty + 1 year upon registration. This might be the last vaporizer you’ll ever need, and it comes from a brand that knows all about crafting impactful devices that prioritize longevity.

The VENTY offers the perfect opportunity to be part of a community, but not just the cannabis community, the STORZ & BICKEL community—iconic vaporizers crafted by a legendary brand that paved the way for today’s vaping sector. Get yours now and experience the STORZ & BICKEL way.

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