Do You Know How To Roll A Rocket Joint?

Want to learn how to roll one of the coolest joint filters? Check out this tutorial video on how to roll the infamous rocket joint!

March 29, 2016
Written by Lukas W

Although a little extra time and effort will be needed to pull off a joint like this, it should surely impress your friends that you can make a filter that can take you out of this world! This video is a step by step explanation, so you can be rolling rockets as soon as you’d like. Check out the video below.

Time/reward ratio

Usually, when rolling joints, a lot of the decision process is contributed to how long a certain type of joint will take to roll, versus how rewarding the actual piece is. I feel that this joint has a pretty good time/reward ratio because it honestly doesn’t take too long, and the tip design you get out of it is pretty awesome. Although you will need special joint tips, I’d assume most joint smokers should have some extras lying around. The video is just over 5 minutes, that’s not too much of a time investment to learn a whole to joint rolling technique!

Have you ever attempted to roll a filter like this? Would you consider trying knowing how easy it is? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

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March 29, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Lukas W
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