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Why Is Temperature Important In Vaping?

You won't know what you're missing until you start caring about vaping temperatures.

Traditional consumers know it best. Lighting up a joint to inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit. You don’t control the temperature in that situation, so changing it doesn’t seem to matter much.

But, on the other hand, vaping allows you to set the temperature, and when you do it, the whole experience changes for the better.

Simply put, you won’t know what you’re missing out on until you start caring for vaping temperatures. We want to welcome you to a world of intentional cannabis use, where you’re making the most of a device to achieve your desired effects and flavors.

And yes, you can do that by simply adjusting the temperature of your vape.

Temperature In Vaping

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Most vaping devices have the feature of adjusting the temperature because it can change how much your oil will burn. High temperatures produce a thick cloud of vapor quickly, but it evaporates the oil soon and can make it taste awful if it’s too hot.

Low temperatures allow you to taste the terpenes much better, and the oil will last longer. But, when the heat is too low, you might not get as high as you expect or not even taste the oil at all.

Thus, having the possibility of setting the heat as it pleases you is crucial when vaping. Then, you will find vaporizers on the market with a wide range of heat settings and more or less precise ways to control them.

Some change the heat by controlling the temperature, and others do it by changing the wattage or voltage.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is more precise as you can set it to an exact degree, and the device will keep that temperature during the whole session.

It’s typical to find that mode on dry herb vaporizers, but you can also find it in devices that vaporize oil and let you explore the effects of different settings.

Wattage Control

On the other hand, changing wattage or voltage is less precise but simpler than controlling temperature.

That is why it is usually cheaper and ideal for vaping concentrates because they evaporate with less temperature and don’t burn easily.

Some devices that vaporize wax or shatter don’t even have a feature to set the heat because they are already preset.

Why Is Temperature Important?

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The temperature you apply to the terpenes and cannabinoids matters.

Low temperatures will give you mild effects and light flavors, while moderate to high temperatures produce thick vapor and heavy effects.

Thus, the temperature affects the whole experience you get from vaping; that is why it’s so important.

  • From 300°F To 350°F

If you vape from 300°F to 350°F (149°C to 177°C), you will get bodily effects while staying lucid.

It is perfect to handle anxiety and mood swings; you feel in control and able to go on with your life or chill with some friends. Plus, you can truly taste the flavors of your oil in this range.

  • From 350°F To 390°F

From above 350°F to 390°F (177°C to 199°C), you can feel the mental buzz, a tingle that starts from the back of your eyes and runs through your spine.

This is when you get into borderline psychedelia, so it’s ideal for heavy smokers who desire strong and powerful effects.

  • From 390°F To 430°F

Then you have temps from 390°F to 430°F (199°C to 221°C), which is a risky zone.

The vapor is too hot and starts burning cannabinoids, and you will get an unpleasant flavor. Then, all your oil or concentrate evaporates quickly, increasing your risk of greening out.

Although some devices can get as high as 450°F (232 °C), we don’t recommend going above 430°F.

What Temperature Is Best?

There is no specific temperature that works for every desired outcome and effect. Different temperature settings work to bring you the experience you’re looking for.

After all, there’s a reason why devices have various temperature settings, so you can explore them and decide what you like the most.

Medical Purposes

When you want to kill the pain, you burn it to ashes.

That is why a temperature around 410°F is high enough to produce a quick and heavy hit that soothes all aches.

This temperature works great with non-psychoactive cannabinoids as there is a low risk of having unpleasant side effects.

Bodily Effects

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Getting close to 380°F is perfect for getting high enough to make your limbs feel warm and heavy.

The thick cloud of vapor lingers above you while you lie down on the couch, too stoned to focus or move.

When using psychoactive cannabinoids, some puffs at this temp are sure to induce some major couch lock.

Mental Effects

If you’re seeking to connect to the internet of ideas and creativity, 360°F is your temp.

After three or four puffs, you’ll want to grab a pencil and start writing about everything that comes to mind. Everything seems clearer, more compelling, and more inspirational.

Hang Lucid

Vaping a Delta 8 oil or a combination of THC with CBD at 350°F can uplift your spirit.

If there’s something making you anxious and you want to prevent the nerves from ramping up, you can go wrong with vaping your cannabinoids at this temperature.

It will have you feeling more relaxed and optimistic instead of too high to function.

Enjoy The Flavor

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Low temperatures are the best for sensing all the complexity of a terpenes profile. Thus, vaping at a temperature of around 330°F allows you to smell all the scents, notes, and undertones of your favorite strain.

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If you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’re searching for a device that lets you explore temperature settings and opens the door to different effects.

If that’s the case, we have your back. Actually, the PAX 3 vaporizer has your back. It’s essential to any cannabis connoisseur’s catalog of products and devices. Even beginners will enjoy the complete control they have over their experience.

This device is portable, letting you carry it in your pocket, purse, or bag. It also has an incredibly long battery life, so you don’t have to worry too often about charging it when you’re far from an energy source.

But let’s be real; all you really care about is the vaping experience. The PAX 3 has a dual-use function meaning you can use it to vape dry herbs and concentrates! You don’t need two devices if you can vape both forms with only one.

Plus, the heating system uses top-industry technology that allows you to try 60 temperature settings, which you can control by using Bluetooth and the PAX smartphone app.

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