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Guides | 12.14.2020

How to Make a Sploof – 3 Different Ways

If you need to cover up the smell of weed smoke, the easy to make sploof is one of the most loved tools in the weed-smokers kit.

So what is this magical tool that will stop your nosey neighbor from knocking at your door complaining about the amount of incense smoke coming from your apartment. Or your mom from opening up your underwear drawer looking for that joint.

A sploof is far from a revolutionary device, or even a difficult one to make yourself. In fact, a sploof is probably one of the simpler accessories I can think of when it comes to your typical cannabis smoker’s kit. I do have to confess, although I’m not an owner of a sploof myself, it is definitely a device that I’ve had an urgent need for at some point in my life.

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I’m sure you’ve also felt the need for masking your smoking habits and activating that ‘incognito mode’. Let’s be truthful, it’s happened to all of us, and as much as we don’t like it sometimes you just have to roll with the tide, become a chameleon with your environment, and do like Bruce Lee; “be like water my friend”.

What Is A Sploof

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In simple terms we can all relate to, a sploof is a filter for the smoke you generate when smoking. In particular, for the smoke you exhale once you light up your joint, bong, blunt, or whatever it is we’re having tonight.

I’m being specific about a sploof being an accessory for the smoke you exhale because your joint will also generate a certain amount of smoke all by itself but worry not because the amount of smoke generated by the tip of the joint is pretty much negligible. Although, in an enclosed environment that can also be a reason to raise a few eyebrows.

That said, a sploof works as a filter for the thick clouds of smoke you exhale. Sure, it messes with your ability to play with the smoke produce doughnuts, make bridges, or puff a sail boat like Gandalf. But it also keeps you under the radar.

Sploofs are cylinder like devices designed with two open ends. One end is designed to be a mouthpiece, which is usually large and covers up your whole mouth area. Once you’ve puffed on your weapon of choice and before you exhale, this is where your mouth goes.

The opposite end of the sploof is also an open end but it might be covered by a mesh system or filter. The design of the opposite end will depend on yourself if your trying to go DIY or on the brand if you’ve decided to purchase your own sploof. Which is always an economically accessible option with brands like Smokebuddy and their personal air filter.

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The mechanics of a sploof are simple. When you blow your smoke into the mouthpiece end, the device takes your exhale on a ride through a series of meshes. The amount of filters and stages on your sploof will depend on the brand you’re purchasing. If you’re going DIY, which I assume you are, then your filter system will likely contain a single layer.

As the smoke passes through the mesh and filter system the particles of the smoke dissipate and separate. This way, when the smoke comes out from the opposite end it does not look like the thick cloud that you would expect.

This makes for a less stronger smell, not because it’s been through some magical process. But because the particles that hold that scent are no longer sticking together, making it weaker. As Julius Caesar would say, “Divide and Conquer”.

How to Make a Sploof

The sploof is one of the most loved tools in the weed-smokers kit. Whether you live with mom and dad, or in a dorm room or any place that you need to cover up the smell of weed smoke, the easy-to-make sploof allows you to discreetly smoke inside. Here’s how you make one in three easy steps.

What You’ll Need

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You only need a few household products to make your sploof:

What To Do

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How to Make a Sploof Without Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are not usually a hassle to come by… if you live with mom. But if you’re a single lad living alone, chances are you have a single raggedy towel that you use for nearly everything, and a trip to the Walmart is not something you particularly look forward to.

What You'll Need

  • Hard Plastic Bottle (emphasis on the hard part, a flimsy bottle is not as pleasant to use).
  • Air Freshener (check out Agent 420, an air freshener specially designed to eliminate weed odor)
  • Towel Paper or Toilet Paper (both items you more than likely keep at home)
  • Rubber bands
  • A scissor or knife

Step 1

Find a plastic bottle with a larger mouth piece hole. Gatorade or any other sports drink bottles work perfect. If the mouth piece is too small then your smoke will go all over the place and you’ll have accomplished nothing.

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Step 2

With your scissors or knife start poking holes on the bottom of your bottle. This time you don’t want a completely open end to make up for the lack of dryer sheets. By restricting the airflow you are also restricting the amount of smoke that comes out of your bottle.

Step 3

Using your elastics, fasten the toilet paper or towel paper to the bottom of your plastic bottle. These will act as the last filter that dissipates the smoke particles and separates them from one another. You can use as many as you want, but we suggest using two and working yourself up from there as you see fit. If you use too many layers you will just end up trapping the smoke inside the bottle, which is not the effect you want to achieve.

How to Make a Sploof With Activated Carbon

Now here’s one for the DIY enthusiasts that like to boast a little bit about their skills. I’m included in this list, and if you’re about to embark on a project, well, you might as well make it fun.

What You'll Need

  • Plastic Container (can be a pill container with a large hole)
  • Activated Carbon
  • Paper Towel
  • Knife
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Step 1

Turn your plastic container upside down and poke 4 small holes in the bottom of the container. Puncture a larger hole in the cap of the container as well.

Step 2

Now you’ll tear a piece of paper towel that’s just a tad longer than the length of the plastic container you are using. Lay the piece of paper towel on a flat surface a pour a lump (relative to the size of the container) of activated carbon into it.

Now for a part you’re used to. Rolle the paper towel with the activated carbon in it as if you were rolling yourself a fat joint. Take that joint looking mass and run water over it. This activates the carbon and consequently your filter.

Step 3

Stuff the fat wet joint inside your plastic container and seal it with the punctured cap. You will use the cap end as your mouthpiece and the bottom end will act as your mesh filter. You’re set to go!

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