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Smokebuddy Review: Everything You Need To Know

We reviewed the popular Smokebuddy. Here's everything you should know about it.

A common obstacle that we smokers constantly run into is having to hide our habit from time to time.

Even though our ideals tell us that we shouldn’t, because we’re not doing anything wrong, the fact is that many people are not very fond of it and if we are to preserve certain relationships (say, our relationship with our neighbors), then it’s likely that we get enticed into submitting to this inconvenient social convention.

How To Stop People From Knowing You’re Smoking?

Traditionally smokers will just go for a walk in a place with a low flow of people.

That way you’re not worried about your nosy neighbor knocking on your door to ask if ‘something is burning’ and passers-by can only complain for so long, But what if it’s raining?

Besides, you’re a grown person and you’re not paying rent in order to have to leave your place to do whatever you want. Or worse yet, you might have just bought your house.

Another situation would be at work. This one’s a bit trickier because even though offices will have smoking designated areas. That is, if you’re smoking cigarettes.

Most workplaces will likely frown upon getting high during work hours, so that’s a whole experience you can kiss goodbye almost anywhere.

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In general, smoking indoors can be a high obstacle to leap over. That’s why smoking accessories like the Smokebuddy exist. An air filter that helps you dissipate the smoke coming from your exhale thereby eliminating most of the odor coming from it.

Not only that, but air filters like the Smokebuddy are also meant to get rid of the smoke altogether.

By dissipating the smoke particles you’re not only making the smell less intrusive but you’re also making the smoke less visible. Let’s find out if it actually works.

How Does The Smokebuddy Work?

The whole thing about the Smokebuddy is enabling you to keep your smoking to yourself. Which sounds a whole lot like what that nosy neighbor we discussed would say.

The Smokebuddy is made up of a ‘plastic tubing’, which we don’t really feel is a description that does it justice but it is, unfortunately, the most accurate way of doing so.

Inside the tube you’ll find a series of meshes and filters that help separate smoke particles from each other, ultimately helping dissipate the smoke while making the smell less strong.

The reasoning behind it is simple, if particles are less concentrated then so will the smells.

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On the Smokebuddy you’ll find a smaller end and a larger end. The idea is to smoke your cigarette or joint as you normally would.

Then when you’re ready to exhale just blow through the smaller end of the Smokebuddy. The smoke will travel through the series of meshes and filters, ultimately coming out of the wider end of the device.

The Smokebuddy is meant for personal use. In the past, it would be common to share a single Smokebuddy in a group of smokers, but that’s, unfortunately, something we shouldn’t be doing anymore due to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Does The Smokebuddy Actually Work?

In short, yes. The Smokebuddy absolutely works, and works well in getting rid of dense clouds of smoke and overwhelming smells.

However, you have to understand that even though you try your best to push all the smoke generated from your smoking method through the filter, that’s an endeavor that is physically impossible.

There will still be some remaining smoke that comes from the tip of your joint or the top of your bowl that you won’t be able to inhale and push through the Smokebuddy.

That smoke is 100% unfiltered and will smell just as strong as normal smoke.

However, the amount of smoke generated by your device or joint is not much. Thus the smell will not be as strong as a big exhale of thick, dense clouds of smoke.

Does The Smokebuddy Work For Vaporizing?

Vaporizing is an already dissipate-looking cloud of smoke. By not combusting your dry-herb entirely you’re working with a cloud of smoke that is way clearer than traditional smoke.

By pushing vapor through your Smokebuddy you’re dissipating particles that are already much less visible and carry a milder scent.

So yes, the Smokebuddy absolutely works when vaporizing any type of material.

Details On The Smokebuddy Experience

However efficient, the Smokebuddy does have a life cycle. Remember that the insides of the Smokebuddy are made of meshes and filters that won’t hold up forever.

All-in-all we’d say that the Smokebuddy has a very decent lifetime, but it’s still worth mentioning that you’ll have to eventually buy a new one if you want to keep enjoying an effective odor elimination on your smoking sessions.


The Smokebuddy is a compact, convenient, and efficient way to avoid being spotted for smoking.

If you are big on smoking privacy and discreteness, then a Smokebuddy is a must-have accessory for you.

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