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Learn | 03.28.2023

The Strongest & Most Potent Indica Strains On Earth 2023

The best indica strains you should try in 2023. Loaded with high doses of THC, you can expect euphoria, happiness, and a good nap with these powerful buds.

Are you an Indica fan? Then go check out our latest selection of the best indica strains.

Kush fans are in for a real treat with this list. Indica strains are naturally high resin producers, meaning that you can count on plenty of crystal-coated buds from these strains.

Sedative, dreamy, and calming, these psychoactive flowers can ease away stress while delivering some seriously euphoric highs.

Medical consumers may appreciate the potent and narcotic-like pain relief these intoxicating herbs provide.

These strains are perfect for making weed oils, so don’t lose the opportunity to learn how to make cannabis oil with them. Without further ado, here are the 10 strongest Indica strains on earth right now.

Herb's Top Indica Strain

Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider is that HHC-P strain you have dreamed of, salivated over, and romanced the way only you can. Romanticizing a strain like this can lead to mild delusion, but experience overwhelms with delight. Are you interested in riding ghosts rather than chasing them? Binoid has the strain for you.

This Indica strain produces more of a euphoric feeling than other strains on this list, thanks to the otherworldly HHC-P, Delta 8, and terpene blend. 

Hemp-derived and Farm-Bill compliant, try it. I bet you will.

Up to 30 times more potent than THC, HHC-P will knock your socks off whether you’re a veteran or a cannabinoid-interested Herbivore. 

This potent strain can encourage deep relaxation and a jolly mental high. As a result, some can get away with consuming Ghost Rider during the day. However, it is considered by most to be an evening strain.

Grow Your Own Indica Strains

There’s nothing better than growing cannabis plants for your personal use. It’s an incredibly wholesome and educational process that lets you learn more about the plant you love to consume. 

Whether you’re an experienced cultivator or a new home grower, the quality of your seeds will make or break the process. Never waste your hard-earned money on unpredictable seeds that grow medium to low-quality plants. And unfortunately, with the number of seed brands on the market, choosing which to trust can be challenging. 

We want to make it easy. When considering growing cannabis plants at home, check out the impressive seed selection at Homegrown Cannabis Co. They’ve partnered with reputable growers and exceptional brands that require premium, consistent, high-quality seeds that bear perfectly potent and dense flowers. 

We recommend the striking and potent Shishkaberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds. This plant’s THC content reaches an impressive 24%, and it can be grown indoors and outdoors, depending on your personal situation. It’s an incredibly powerful strain, and when home-grown, it provides an unmatched experience you can take pride in. 

Get The Best Indica Strains In California From Embarc

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Embarc is a dispensary that works under three fundamentals, community, craft, and culture.

The talented people at Embarc show the best of the California cannabis industry on their shelves.

You will find a vast catalog of products at a fair price. You name it, edibles, extracts, flowers, pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals, and vapes. All the best products from California.

Besides, Embarc does an incredible job keeping the local cannabis business a five-star experience for everybody that visits them. In other words, you can sense the customer-focused ambiance that makes you want to stay and visit again soon.

There is a product for every need you have. Ask for a product that helps you get happy, relaxed, or sleepy. There are fantastic products to ease your mind, for getting active or enhancing intimate moments.

Moreover, you get points for every purchase you make at Embarc to receive a discount on future orders. Signing up is free.

Embarc was born in Fresno, but it has expanded. You can find Embarc in:

  • Fresno
  • Alameda
  • Sacramento
  • South Lake Tahoe
  • Martinez
  • Redwood City
  • Fairfield

Strawberry Banana

This strain is one of the best choices for people who want slightly stronger indica effects; in fact, it is one of the most potent strains out there. Strawberry Banana is an indica dominant cross of a Strawberry phenotype of Bubble Gum with Banana Kush. 

As you can tell, the taste and aroma of the Strawberry Banana are sweet, fruity, and pleasant overall. Strawberry Banana has been tested with up to 26% THC.

When consumed, the main feelings reported are happiness and deep relaxation. Strawberry Banana provides a more physical high, which allows worries and anxiety to go out the window, allowing consumers to feel relaxed and at peace.

Strawberry Banana is a bit sleepy and low-key. Overall, the strain is happy, and uplifting, and inspires an overall sense of well-being.


Purple Punch

This mind-blowing Indica strain has been near the top of our lists for some time now. It’s amazing how they have managed to get such a beautiful bud, full of fruity, vinegary, and grapey flavor, and the effects are out of this world.

Purple Punch is a rare Indica-dominant strain. It provides a wonderfully relaxing body high and has a striking aroma, very reminiscent of grape soda, with a hint of pine underneath. Excellent for recreational relaxation, as well as for the relief of chronic stress and insomnia.

Feel the high hit you first between the eyes and spread quietly throughout your extremities, leaving you light as a feather and high as a kite.

This combination makes it an excellent nighttime strain, allowing you to sink into the world of sleep without stress or anxiety.

In terms of potency, it is a fairly strong but not totally overpowering weed, with 18-20% THC. 


Discover Black Tie CBD's Fruity Loops THC-A Hemp Flower

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In the world of cannabis, indica strains are known for their relaxing and calming effects. Black Tie CBD, an innovative hemp company, has created one of the most potent and visually stunning indica-dominant strains on the market – the Fruity Loops THC-A Hemp Flower. Recognized for its remarkable quality, Black Tie CBD is the only hemp company to enter and place in a High Times Cannabis Cup using 50-state legal hemp as opposed to actual marijuana.

Fruity Loops THC-A Hemp Flower boasts an impressive 17% THC content, offering users an unforgettable experience. The strain’s exotic appearance showcases an array of vibrant colors, reminiscent of a bowl of cereal. Dense nugs are covered in milky white trichomes, contributing to the strain’s potency and visual appeal.

Upon opening a bag of Fruity Loops, you will be greeted by a unique dry, cereal-like scent, accompanied by hints of gas. The complex aroma is further enriched by a semi-sweet floral undertone. As you take a hit, your taste buds will be treated to a layered flavor profile that starts with spicy dough, followed by delicate floral accents and finishes with subtle berry undertones.

Fruity Loops THC-A Hemp Flower is not only about flavor and appearance; it also provides a light cerebral buzz that users describe as spacey, euphoric, and mind-calming. The strain’s indica dominance delivers a sense of relaxation and tranquility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a potent and soothing experience.

Super OG

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Photo by Mark / Adobe Stock Photo

Super OG is a triple-threat crossbreed between Skywalker OG, Tahoe OG Kush, and Larry OG. Staying true to its Indica nature, Super OG brings a heavy THC dose that leaps over the 20% mark and can reach up all the way to the 30% line, or at least graze it.

The strain makes you feel relaxed, gigglish, and very sleepy if you don’t dose correctly. I would recommend using this strain only if you’re a frequent cannabis consumer and know your way around a puff.

Super OG is native to the LA area and has a herbal aroma that out-does any other scents to be spotted in its smoke. Using this strain at night might be the best decision you can make if you are having trouble staying asleep through the night. Perhaps baking an edible with it would also be a good idea.

Sessions makes a couch-crashing, binge-watching version of the Super OG strain that fits perfectly into a rainy Saturday night.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is an indica strain per excellence. This pure variety comes from the mountainous region of Kush, which extends over 800 km between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Hindu Kush was the first strain used to make hashish products. It is a strain known for the intense relaxing and euphoric effects it produces. 

The THC content of Hindu Kush can vary between 13 and 21%. Naturally potent, this strain is ideal for nighttime use. A potent sedative, Hindu Kush is perfect for those who have trouble falling asleep.

Hindu Kush is sweet and earthy, with hints of spice and lemon. The flowers have a piney smell with a sandalwood aroma.

As one of the few pure Indica strains, Hindu Kush produces a powerful body high and an intense feeling of relaxation. 

A deep body high will soothe stiff, locked muscles and make you feel like you can move again. Although, with the couch-locking effects of this strain, you may not get up much.

Gorilla Glue

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Photo by Mark / Adobe Stock Photo

Gorilla Glue is another balanced Indica-dominant hybrid that we like recommending,, because even though THC levels can be very high in one of these buds, the strain does tend to provide a balanced high. Just the right amount of relaxation combined with euphoria and uplifted spirits.


Gorilla Glue might be best left to indoor sessions as you will start feeling like the couch is a great place to be. The earthy and sour aromas that come from its smoke make it a fun strain to have and it’s an added bonus to know that this flower has won several cannabis awards around the world.

Baker’s Cannabis Co. makes an extremely potent bud of this strain that will leave you counting sheep within minutes.

Purple Rain

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Photo by Mark / Adobe Stock Photo

An Indica-dominant hybrid born from a cross between Purple Candy Kush, Chemdog, and OG Kush.

Three strains that, even if not considered classics, are pretty close to being them. Which makes us think that there is not much that could go wrong with this one.

Unlike other Indica-dominant buds, Purple Rain seems to lean towards more energizing effects. Not to say that you won’t feel completely and utterly relaxed when smoking it, but you’ll also feel a rush of energy and euphoria making its way through your body.

The smells that stem from this flower are sweet and fruity, just like the taste its smoke has. I personally like consuming this strain after lunch for early afternoon workouts that don’t require too much physical effort. Maybe a slow jog or a swim in the pool.

THC levels can reach up to 20% per unit of dry weight, but this strain has also been known to have lower THC levels down to 13%. Pure Beauty’s version of Purple Rain is one of those that goes beyond the 20% THC content.

Best Indica Strains For Sleep

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is a Californian strain with unknown indica heritage. Bred by DNA Genetics, this bud features a robust herbal aroma with plenty of lemon and pine.

Containing between 20 and 25% THC on average, Kosher Kush is one drowsy bud that indica fans are sure to enjoy.

This strain is recommended for nighttime use, though Kosher Kush also has a giggly, talkative side to it as well. Recreational consumers who love winding down with a movie and some nice herb after a long day may find a new best friend in this crystal-coated flower.

Clayborne Co.’s Kosher Kush is among the highest-rated buds out there. Grown indoors in northern California, this is bud you can’t miss.

MK Ultra

Named after a mind-control program operated by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), MK Ultra is an uber-strong Indica hybrid that promotes a dreamy, euphoric state.

One of the strongest Indicas in the world, the THC in this strain reaches between 18 and 23%. THC, however, is not the ultimate indicator of strength. Rather, there’s something about MK Ultra that promotes a super heavy body numbness and a spacey, euphoric bliss.

This cross between G-13 and OG Kush is a must-try for serious Indica fans.

The Best Brands With The Strongest Indica Strains

Binoid’s Live Resin and Distillate Carts

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If you want to try some of the most potent Indica strains in this list but don’t really like to smoke flowers, or want something a little more discreet, Binoid is the way to go.

The Californian-based brand is an expert in creating powerful cartridges that are also tasty and use strain-specific terpenes that enhance the strain’s taste inside their distillates.

By this, they add specific cannabinoid juices to their already powerful distillates to enhance the flavor profile in each cart.

One of our favorite carts from them is the Delta-8 Strawberry Banana which is also on this list, making incredibly strong but also flavorful with each puff. They also have the Aurora Indica strain for a slightly milder flavor and high, but both are an incredible option if D8 THC is your deal.

For something a little stronger, their premium HHC line also has Sunset Sherbert strain that has the strain-specific terpenes added for better flavor, smoke, and increasing the intense body high everyone loves about indicas. It also has that iconic Sherbert flavor that just tastes like a summer day delight.

Binoid also recently launched a Gold line of Live Resin cartridges, including the famous Blueberry Kush (Indica), that’s not only pretty potent, but it tastes very clean and gives you a high-end experience at an affordable price.

Besides these lines, Binoid has an incredible array of cartridges to choose from, including different cannabinoids like Delta 8, Delta 9, and even Delta P THC. You can check more about Binoid and their powerful indica-based cartridges here.

Delta 8 Flower- Death Star – 4G

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The Delta 8 Flower Death Star is one of the strains of the Kusk Kolectiv 4G line. This variety contains rich CBD levels. Then, the team at Kush Kolectiv adds Delta 8 THC distillate on the surface of the flower. The result is sticky and delicious buds that will get you high and put your body at ease.

Besides, you will love the Death Star terpenes profile once you try the first touch of smoke. Its aroma has a dominant diesel scent with robust earthy notes. This combination makes a skunky smell when inhaling while you can taste sweet undernotes on exhale.

Death Star delivers mental and physical relaxation. It hits quickly and hard, starting with a burst of euphoria that erases any gray clouds covering your mind. This initial state fades into a deep peace that soon turns into sleepiness. You might want to take a nap after smoking.

Grape Runtz & Himalia

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Moonwlkr’s Grape Runtz & Himalia Delta 8 THC vape cart combines two iconic Indica strains.

Prepare to fall for the fruity taste of Grape Runtz and the spicy chocolate scent of Himalia. The entourage effect from their terpenes and the chilling influence of the Delta 8 THC distillate will place this vape at the top of your list.

Moonwlkr’s Grape Runtz & Himalia has 800 mg of Delta 8 THC and the natural terpenes of the Grape Runtz and Himalia strains and contains zero cutting agents.

As a bonus, this vape cartridge has a stainless steel body, a food-grade silicon mouthpiece, and a ceramic heater that optimizes heating and prevents burned flavors.

413 Razzberry Budino

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Sometimes you must create a strain to offer people an intense experience they have never had before. 

Insa cultivators worked hard to bring the 413 Razzberry Budino, an Indica strain with a THC concentration of 20% and an inviting flavor of cookies and raspberries.

Take these buds out of the jar and let the smell captivate your senses. Still, smelling it is not as good as when you smoke them and let the thick cloud wash away all stress and heaviness, leaving only relaxation and blissfulness. The 413 Razzberry Budino strain is a fantastic reward after a long day, and you deserve it.

The 413 Razzberry Budino strain is exclusive to Insa, a dispensary with several locations. They are located in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, so you should take a look at the closest to you and get your weed soon.

Legendary Kush CBD Flower

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Imagine a flower that embodies the very essence of life and happiness. A flower that inspires feelings of exuberance and love, with its deep and calming effects that leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. That flower is none other than Legendary Kush CBD Flower.

Grown from the heritage of OG Kush, this citrusy, floral variation is a true masterpiece. With its 11.4% CBD sun-grown or 16.3% CBD greenhouse-grown options, you are guaranteed an experience like no other. But what makes this flower truly special is the care and attention that goes into its cultivation.

At Rogue Family Farms, the growers have chosen to cultivate their plants in a greenhouse, allowing the buds to soak up the warm and inviting Southern Oregon sun. This protects the plants from natural extremes and creates the optimal environment for the best smoking experience. And when the time comes for the flower to be harvested, it is hand-trimmed with love and care, preserving its delicate features and potency.

Caliva Curated Select GMO

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38% THC, anyone? For those looking to knock their socks off with a wickedly high THC content and unmatched flavors, check out Caliva’s Curated Select GMO.

This unique Indica cultivar is loaded with terpenes and grown by the Caliva cultivation team in San Jose using best practices to ensure you can reap the rewards of quality cannabis every time.

It’s a premium heavy-hitter that smacks the nose with a pungent, skunky, and sour finish and underlying notes of rich earthiness. Get yours today from Caliva Dispensary in San Jose. Stop by in-store or place an order for delivery.

Upgrade Your Gummy Game

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Are you ready to elevate your gummy game? Look no further than Chill™ Peaches & Cream Gummies. Infused with 25mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy and available in a 10 count tube, these gummies pack a punch with a total of 250mg of D8 per tube. And for the true D8 enthusiast, we offer an option of 50mg of D8 per gummy for a whopping 500mg per tube.

Delta 8 THC, also known as D8, is a game-changer in the world of THC. It offers a unique high that is both subtle and functional, perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of THC without the heavy sedation often associated with Delta 9 THC. The effects of D8 include a gentle euphoria, uplifting sensations, and a sense of relaxation, making it the perfect addition to any daily routine.

But it’s not just the D8 that makes these gummies stand out, it’s the mouth-watering Peaches & Cream flavor that will have you coming back for more. Each gummy is packed with deliciousness, making it hard to stop at just one. And with their convenient, discreet, and delicious nature, these gummies are perfect for any occasion.


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Smoking an Indica that punches you out of reality feels good from time to time. Thankfully, the 7 Points Indica Strains do the job perfectly.

These strains grow with the best cultivation practices to produce the most significant THC and Indica terpenes profile possible.

The Payton strain is a potent Indica containing 30.20% of Delta 9 THC. That is a THC level that only seasoned users can stand. Payton packs a heavy punch that will knock you out on your couch. Thus, it is great to fight insomnia. Plus, it promises to make you feel renewed when you wake up. It’s an excellent choice if you like spicy flavors and lemon whiff.


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Your flower can be as potent as you want, but you must get it from a reputable brand that ensures safety and quality. It is vital for your smoking experience. In that matter, the STIIIZY brand has an exceptional catalog of Indica flowers and more.

The STIIIZY flowers grow in a lab facility with next-gen technology to yield cannabis with rich compounds— the combined action of the cannabinoids and terpenes of the STIIIZY flowers males a fantastic entourage effect. 

That is thanks to using state-of-art methods for cultivating outdoors and indoors. Of course, indoor and outdoor strains are different, and you can see it in the various labels of the STIIIZY Flowers:

  • STIIIZY White Label
  • STIIIZY Grey Label
  • STIIIZY Black Label

You can buy the STIIIZY flowers in the form of buds, pre-rolls, and blunts.

BlueBerry Cookies By American ReLeaf

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American ReLeaf is a foremost supplier of medical cannabis to the state of Maine, sourcing and crafting the world’s best genetics for your pleasure. Not all strain’s genetics are crafted equally.

American ReLeaf ensures all of your strains are crafted to perfection.

Classic strains always get me excited. Blueberry Tahoe and Thin Mint GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) came together to create a spirit-child blend of powerful indica dominance. BlueBerry Cookies is a must-try. It is an excellent way to cope with chronic pain, inflammation, and depression.

King Louis XIII By Kynn Labs

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Kynn Labs gives us their new Delta 8 Disposable King Louis XIII. If you want potency, then you want to vape. King Louis XIII is an Indica that will put you in a deep state of relaxation full of blissfulness.

It is fantastic to try it during the evening or before sleeping as it gets you numb. The experience it offers is as great as its name.

This disposable activates when you inhale it. It has a medical-grade stainless steel central post and a food-grade PCTG mouthpiece, making it durable and safe. The 350 mAh rechargeable battery allows you to have a long sesh. At the same time, you get an oil view window, so you know how much remains. Some other details about Kynn Labs’ disposable vapes include the following:

Truer-To-Taste Formula: 12x longer extraction process and 3x higher terpene profile.

Greater & More Enjoyable Buzz: 48% larger clouds and 88% more consistent vapor amount.

Free Of Burns, Clogs, & Leaks: 2x stronger leak-proof ability, 50% less suction resistance, and high-quality proprietary ceramic heating technology.

Safe & Federally Compliant: Kynn Labs’ vaporizers are federally legal, cleared for interstate transportation, and rigorously tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and residuals.

Use A Device That Is Up To The Task

Pax Plus

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Take your vaping experience to the next level with the PAX Plus, the latest addition to the PAX lineup. This advanced vaporizer is the perfect companion for enjoying the most potent Indica strains in all their potent and flavorful glory. With the PAX Plus, you get the best of both worlds – vaping both concentrates and flowers.

The PAX Plus is equipped with the latest in software and hardware technology, allowing you to customize your experience with the use of Bluetooth. Enjoy the convenience of its discreet design and portability, perfect for those long smoking sessions or on-the-go hits. Its fast heat-up time and ease of use make it the ideal vaping device for all of your cannabis needs.

Experience the power of the strongest Indica strains with the PAX Plus. This advanced vaporizer is designed to provide you with the ultimate smoking experience through flavor, cloud density, and potency. Enjoy the convenience and quality of the PAX Plus and take your sessions to new heights.

Get More Out Of Your Indica Strains With The Gravity-Bending Innovation Of Stündenglass

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How would you get the best from your Indica strain if you don’t have the best device to smoke it? We got you covered. The Stündenglass Gravity Bong will help you get more out of your Indica flower.

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong is a next-gen bong. It has a built-in perc system that filters and cools your smoke with water using a 360° rotating glass and the force of gravity. Add water to the glass to make it rotate due to gravity.

The opposing push of water enhances the airflow. Thus, you can smoke with less effort and get more smoke per hit. So, you get high quicker. But also, the Stündenglass Gravity Bong makes the flavor of your Indica flower more intense. And the smoke feels more refreshing and gentle to your throat and lungs.

Burn Your Indica Strains Slower

Al Capone Wraps

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One of the worst things a cannabis consumer can do is waste a good quality strain. That could mean over-loading the bowl or wasting your precious herb in dinky papers that burn faster than the speed of light.

If you really want to make the most of these powerful Indica strains, we suggest burning them as slowly as possible to experience their full effect. If you’re a blunt-lover, you’re in luck. Never struggle with fast-burning and hard-to-roll blunts again, thanks to Al Capone Wraps.

The brand’s name itself is pretty badass, but its natural tobacco wraps are a gift sent from the heavens above. These tobacco blunt wraps do not have veins, and they’re stretchy enough to avoid tearing apart and flaking away.

The brand carries three tasty flavors, including:

Additionally, they come packed in an individually sealed package for maximum freshness, and they’re already pre-cut to the perfect rolling size.

When all is said and done, and you’re ready to seal it up, Al Capone’s wraps come with a self-adhesive strip for easy closing. These wraps are the easiest and tastiest way to experience your favorite strain.

Which Indica Strain Has The Highest THC?

When you’re looking for high THC strains, we’d introduce you to Super OG.

Super OG is a triple-threat crossbreed between Skywalker OG, Tahoe OG Kush, and Larry OG.

Staying true to its Indica nature, Super OG brings a heavy THC dose that leaps over the 20% mark and can reach up all the way to the 30% line, or at least graze it.

The strain makes you feel relaxed, gigglish, and very sleepy if you don’t dose correctly. I would recommend using this strain only if you’re a frequent cannabis consumer and know your way around a puff.

Super OG is native to the LA area and has a herbal aroma that out-does any other scents to be spotted in its smoke.

Using this strain at night might be the best decision you can make if you are having trouble staying asleep through the night. Perhaps baking an edible with it would also be a good idea.

Sessions make a couch-crashing, binge-watching version of the Super OG strain that fits perfectly into a rainy Saturday night.

The Ultimate Rolling Setup From Z’s Life

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Francisco Borrero

Here’s Why Moonwlkr’s Delta 8 Vapes Are Worth The Hype

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