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Delta Munchies Dart XL Review: Hitting The Bullseye Each Time

The new Dart XL line from Delta Munchies hits all the correct spots: quality, quantity, functionality, and lots of flavors to try from.

Disposable vaping pens have the best of both worlds. They are easy to take around like pipes and carts, but won’t need any cleaning afterward or need a specific charger to function properly. They also have the best from prerolls, being super easy to carry around and use whenever you want.

However, as the Cannabis industry grows, finding a good vaping device with sweet Delta 8 tends to be more and more difficult. Some brands don’t have the quality they promise, or frankly, have terrible designs that clog their distillates and ruin the experience.

This is where some brands like Delta Munchies hit the Bullseye. And not necessarily because of its product, the Dart XL, but mainly because they’ve created products that are easy to use, have great design and packaging, and still pack a strong hit with each pull.

The LA-based brand has created strong products that won’t compromise safety or quality with its rebellious and fun vision of a brand.

Their current catalog has Delta 8-based products, such as  Vapes, Gummies, Disposables, Tinctures, and Pre Rolls.

Today, we check out their disposable vaping line, the Dart XL, in all of their flavor. Famous for its potency, flavor, and design, this line comes in the big 2g size for lots of draws.

So if you want to know their flavors, effects, and how they perform, you can read our full review below.

What is Delta 8?

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Before we go fully into a review about Delta Munchies, let’s have a quick look at what Delta 8 is.

To sum it up, Delta 8 THC is an isomer of regular THC, or Delta 9 THC. That means it’s something like its sibling, having both similar effects and both are found in hemp and marijuana plants.

Both compounds have similar compositions chemically, making them similar in the psychoactive effects department. However, unlike its sibling, Delta 8 (or D8) won’t give you nasty side effects due to its mellower high.

This translates into less nausea, paranoia, anxiety, or even headaches. That also makes it federally legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill, making many products legal for recreational use with softer highs.

Delta 8 Vapes

Photo courtesy of Delta Munchies

Delta Munchies has one of the biggest disposables vapes in the cannabis space. Their pens are fully packed with strong, delta 8 distillate and an aromatic terpene profile, each pen has a different experience to try out.

They come in 2g (2000mg) size, have an automatic draw, and are pretty easy to pull and use in your everyday.

If you were looking for something that’s both beginner and advanced user-friendly, the Dart XL line is perfect for on-the-go discreet sessions but also for having a discreet toke to lift your mood.

As with most disposable vapes, they are fully rechargeable with a micro-USB port. That means no need for weird chargers from batteries or having to buy a new battery just because you got out of town.

Delta Munchies takes its quality pretty seriously and has each of its vaping pens lab-tested to ensure both safety and potency.

You can grab these in 6 different strains and terpene profiles, starting with the indica-leaning Forbidden Fruit, Kosher Kush, and Medellin. Then they’ve also got their delicious hybrids, Grape Runtz and Apple Fritter, and last but not least, their star sativas, Candyland and Berry Pie.


This is where brands like Delta Munchies shine. Their high-quality distillate really shines when compared to other brands, as you’ll feel a really strong high with just a few puffs.

Now, even though D8, in general, has more of a euphoric high, depending on the strain and terpene profile you’ll get different buzzes from their disposable line.

For example, their sativa dominant Berry Pie will make you feel smooth and relaxed while lifting your mood as if you just had a sweet berry dessert.

Their indica-leaning variety, like Forbidden Fruit, is probably more into the full relaxation zone. Since it is an indica-dominant disposable, you’ll find the pulls from this one are not only sweet but will make you stick to the couch while enjoying a relaxing time.

If you were looking for the best of both worlds (shoutout to the mid-2000s kids and Hannah Montana lovers), Grape Runtz and Apple Fritter are incredible options. They get the relaxation to unwind but also the mood lift to get you going, perfect for parties or social gatherings.


Photo courtesy of Delta Munchies

Now, flavor-wise, Delta Munchies has a pretty big selection to choose from. Anything from sweet, sweet and sour, skunky, all the way up to earthy and piney undertones.

For something on the sweet side, Berry Pie (sativa) has some delicious fruit notes that will remind you of your last homemade pie. Forbidden Fruit (indica) also has some cherry flavors that mix with tropical fruits, and a soft tart touch.

Grape Runtz also has an exotic feel to it, with some candy-like puffs that mix with the skunky-like undertones that give this hybrid its characteristic taste.

If good old kushy, fuel-like flavors are more your thing, then Kosher Kush is perfect for you with its terpene profile. Medellin also has a powerful skunk smell and taste, if you miss the OG weed flavor.

On the earthy and piney side, you’ll most likely find interest in Candyland (hybrid), which has sweet yet hoppy puffs.

And last but not least, my personal favorite, Apple Fritter. This delicious pastry-like profile mixes the luscious flavors of apples and candy fruit, with sweet earthy notes that truly taste like a pie in each puff.

Last Words

Delta Munchies Dart XL line is once again, a winner in our books that hits the spot each time. This disposable pen comes in plenty of flavors for different tastes, while also having an incredible airflow design and a hefty 2 grams of distillate to enjoy.

They truly have a versatile experience that is friendly for both newbies and advanced cannabis consumers, while not compromising quality for creativity.

Let us know what you think about Delta Munchies products and if you’ve tried them out before in the comments below!

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