Culture | 10.13.2022

A Kosher Vape? Meet The Rabbi-Certified Jewish Vape Brand, Oy Vapes!

Oy Vapes! offers Kosher vapes for the seasons, from Rosh Hashanah to Hanukkah.

Cannabis users are constantly looking for brands and products that reflect their lifestyles. But it’s not every day that a brand sets out to create a product specifically for a religious community.

That is until we landed on the Canadian Jewish vape brand Oy Vapes! Here, all offerings are 100% Kosher. The team here is adamant about not only creating the highest quality vapes but ones that are Kosher and safe enough for even their own mothers to use.

The brand prides itself on nodding to Jewish seasonal holidays through its products, like the honey and apple terpene-infused vape that serve as an homage to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year that’s often accompanied by honey and apples.

About Oy Vapes!

Although offerings at Oy Vapes! are small, they’re very meaningful.

The brand created its products to stay seasonally relevant. It also offers goods like the Hanukkah Pack, along with other festive products depending on the season.

The brand is based in Toronto and is committed to showcasing its heritage and values through its products. As cannabis is recreationally legal in Canada, the brand’s founders saw a huge gap in the market that lacked distinct products for Canada’s Jewish community.

But how do you know if Oy Vapes!’s products are actually 100% Kosher? Meet Avi Finegold, a Canadian Montreal-based Rabbi that carefully inspects each product in order to certify them as Kosher. He partners with the vape brand to inspect the facility and offer his expertise throughout the process.

Now, the brand strives to bring fun, festive, and certified Kosher vapes to its community throughout Canada.

Meaningful Offerings At Oy Vapes!

Oy Vapes! launched what is probably the most kosher kush you’ll ever see, the popular Kosher Honey Apple Kush vape cartridge.

This cartridge contains botanical terpenes inside the distillate oil to bring out those precious seasonal flavors in a blend that’s both festive and delicious. It’s a potent cart that comes in between 50% – 70% THC.

Besides the Kosher Honey Apple Kush cartridge, all products at Oy Vapes! are:

  • High Quality: Only using the safest, highest quality ingredients that even their mothers would use.
  • Seasonal: Each product at Oy Vapes! is meant to be just as meaningful as the last, helping the Jewish community celebrate various holidays and traditions.
  • Inclusive: You didn’t think Oy Vapes! only sells vapes to the Jewish community, did you? The brand prides itself on being inclusive to all, no matter your background or values.

For more information about Oy Vapes!, check out its Instagram page and visit its website at

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