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Strains Sense: How To Use Cannabis Spiritually

Cannabis is a medicinal, recreational and spiritual plant. Cannabis is used in rituals, ceremonies and spiritual practices all over the world.

Cannabis and spirituality go hand in hand. And we are not making this up.

History has confirmed it time and time again. Cannabis and spirituality have been linked for thousands of years.

Cannabis has been known throughout history as a plant with medicinal properties. Revered in different communities for its diverse attributes, including the ability to transport and transform consumers beyond their immediate reality and connect them to a higher purpose.

Cannabis & Spirituality

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Cannabis, like the rest of the living beings that inhabit the planet, has evolved throughout history. The cannabis that was consumed thousands of years ago is not the same as the one we know now, and even more with the different techniques and cultivation advances.

Not everything has always been on the bright side for cannabis. It still is not.

Throughout history, there has been an effort to stigmatize the use of this plant, even to impart its prohibition and illegality.

Despite the stigmatization, cannabis was and still is used worldwide as a vehicle to connect with the higher self, spirituality, mother nature, and in general, with a higher well-being.

Creating a safe and intentional space to use cannabis as a vehicle to explore your spirituality is a beautiful way to deepen your connection to yourself and the universe.

History Of Cannabis And Spirituality

The use of cannabis as a spiritual tool has a long history, which has transcended various groups from many different cultures and has been a key component in the rituals and ceremonies of religions around the world for several thousand years.

Its spiritual characteristics have been recognized by societies ranging from the ancient Chinese Taoists, in places such as India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, to the Rastafarians of today. It is even believed that there are mentions of cannabis in the bible.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years by members of different religions, cults, and tribes worldwide.

Whether it was used as a healing aid, as an aphrodisiac, or to aid the work of ancient prophets, cannabis was always an important component in magic rituals and other sacred practices.

Cannabis and Spirituality Today

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Modern witches, cannabis enthusiasts, and people with a spiritual outlook today use cannabis in multiple ways by tapping into the mystical spirituality surrounding the plant.

The possibility of using cannabis to promote spirituality has as many sides as possible uses.

From using it in joint rituals to solo sessions, to specific purposes, and everything in between. The uses of cannabis range from physical and spiritual healing to the soul’s transcendence.

How To Include Cannabis In Your Spiritual Practice

Cannabis can amplify the connection to yourself, nature, and the universe.

The first step to including cannabis in your spiritual awakening is to choose your preferred method of consumption, as well as the type of strain that works best for you and your plans, whether you prefer an Indica, Sativa, or hybrid.

Starting small is always the best bet.

The second step is to establish the intention with which you will consume that specific strain. This determines the direction things will take once you consume it, and if, from the beginning, you intend it to be a spiritual practice, it will go much smoother.

Take a few seconds before consuming and connect with the plant, the universe, and yourself. A good way to start is to ask yourself: what do I want to work with this plant today?

As a third step, it is vital to consider the environment in which you do it. Look for a quiet place that inspires that connection to let yourself go. The goal is to connect with the plant, nature, and the experience.

Finally, consume your cannabis in your favorite form. Start your spiritual practice and surrender to the moment. Let the feelings wash over you as you open your heart and give your mind permission to take a time out.
You can combine cannabis with different practices such as yoga, meditation, music, reading, writing, and anything else you can think of that fosters your connection.

Final Thoughts

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  • Do your research. Study and ask questions. The more you know about what you want to consume, the more confident you will be when you do it. Knowledge is power.
  • Try different strains and see which ones suit you best. Not all strains are for everyone. The same applies to what type of product you want to consume, whether it will be in flower form, edible, tincture, or whatever works best for you.
  • The intention is what makes the difference. Put one in your cannabis session and connect uniquely with yourself and the universe.
  • Please take note of your feelings, experiences, and thoughts during and after so you have something to reference when it wears off.
  • Always purchase your products from reputable companies that you see have pure intent. Ideally, look for a brand with responsible practices that grow hemp organically and with laboratory testing. Your body is your temple, and only the best should enter it. Take care of it.
  • Find out how the plant spirit works best with you, and really listen to your intuition. Extra tip: cannabis and spiritual connection can help strengthen that intuition. It is a circle of growth.
  • Treat the plant as its living being, which it is.
  • Take it slow and easy in a controlled environment. Get the gentlest products you can and increase your dosage slowly.
  • Enjoy the process of spiritual connection that cannabis can offer you.

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