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strains | 01.01.2022

MK Ultra Marijuana Strain

MK Ultra is an Indica marijuana strain famous for its heavily sedative effects. MK Ultra has a unique combination of flavors and aromas, and its effects will leave you feeling relaxed.

On a quest for a heavy-hitter? MK Ultra is thought to be one of the most powerful indicas in the world. Though this strain may not be super high in THC, it has A+ genetics and a reputation for providing a deep and hypnotic high. Pick up MK Ultra when you have no important obligations. This strain is also a favorite among medical marijuana patients looking to treat insomnia, depression and lack of appetite.

MK Ultra Experience

MK Ultra is the love child of two famous Indica hybrids, G-13 and OG Kush. The resulting strain is heavy-hitting and fast-acting.  Recommended for experienced consumers, the physically sedative effects of this strain can take you by surprise. Even the most canna-savvy individuals can find themselves in a serious weed-induced couch-lock after a few tastes of this strain.

Those who struggle with insomnia will love MK Ultra. Save this strain for late at night. Otherwise, you may find yourself drifting off or ready for a nap. The effects can be described as almost hypnotic. Be prepared to surrender yourself to a powerful full-body experience with some delightful euphoric sensations.

The THC levels in this strain aren’t the most impressive (up to 22%), but this strain’s Indica effects are extremely pronounced. This strain has won several awards, including best Indica at the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Traits of MK Ultra and MK Ultra Seeds

While this strain is definitely most famous for its heavy sedative effects, marijuana enthusiasts will also know it by its odd combination of aromas. Incredibly pungent, the blend of chemical, earthy and slightly sweet smells make for a unique scent that really clings.

MK Ultra seeds are available from TH Seeds and others. These seeds produce incredibly pungent flowers and resinous, tightly packed buds. Green leaves are highlighted with orange and brown hues.

Why do people use MK Ultra?

MK Ultra has a variety of medical uses. The narcotic nature of this plant makes it perfect for severe or chronic body pain. If you are hoping for relief from chemotherapy side effects or painful muscle spasms, many patients recommend MK ultra.

Those who need immediate relief from an anxiety attack, this strain may be a nice choice. Many also report positive effects for mental health conditions like PTSD and mood swings associated with PMS. Of course, anyone who has difficulty sleeping will love the drowsiness this strain provides.

For recreational consumers, this strain is best saved for a rainy day. Those who like to pass indicas around at a social event may enjoy the giggly bliss this strain provides.

Overall, though, MK Ultra is perfect for hunkering down for a movie with plenty of snacks.

Medical Benefits of MK Ultra

MK Ultra’s combination of effects makes it an incredibly popular medical marijuana strain.

  • Medical consumers often use this strain to treat severe pain.
  • The deep relaxation this strain provides may be helpful for muscle spasms.
  • One of the strongest Indica strains in the world, it may even help cancer patients cope with pain and nausea from chemotherapy.


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