Top 10 Marijuana Documentaries You Need To Watch
Culture | 08.14.2019

Top 10 Marijuana Documentaries You Need To Watch

Let these filmmakers provide you with a much better understanding as we explore the Top 10 marijuana documentaries.

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “how can something that’s so natural with countless health benefits, capable of greatly benefiting our economy, be illegal?” you’re certainly not the only one. Let the filmmakers below provide you with a much better understanding as we explore the Top 10 marijuana documentaries.

1. The Culture High – 2015

Directed by: Brett Harvey

Brett Harvey takes us on a stimulating trip into the prohibition of marijuana, as the debate over the legality has reached an all-new high. With a cast of celebrities, professors, and undercover agents, we are given heartfelt testimonials from both sides of the fight for marijuana legalization.

Harvey shows us the eye-opening ways in which the Government controls who can grow it, sell it, and profit from it in the end. This incredibly captivating cannabis documentary truly leaves you wondering how this all can be true.

The Culture High

2. WEED – 2015

A CNN Special Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

This cannabis documentary features several medical marijuana patients, and leads us through the process they must endure to receive a prescription. This troubling task all due to the marijuana prohibition started by Harry Anslinger in 1937 and was, in Gupta’s words, “based on lies”.

Gupta explains the scientific reasoning cannabis affects the brain differently in those who use it regularly and those who use it occasionally. Researchers explain how the cannabinoids in cannabis, like THC and CBD, can kill cancer cells.

We follow the breathtaking story of young girl, Charlotte, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome; a rare and severe form of epilepsy found in children. Charlotte’s family is then introduced to the Stanley Brothers in Colorado, developers of a medical strain called “Charlottes Web”. This strain is able to dramatically reduce the number of seizures in children suffering from epilepsy. This is a must-see documentary.


3. Super High Me – 2007

Directed by: Michael Bliden

This humorous documentary is a spoof of the movie “Supersize Me”, and follows comedian and cannabis enthusiast Doug Benson through his hilarious recounts relating to marijuana. We follow Benson’s for 60 days; the first 30 days he is marijuana free and subsequently consumes large amounts of marijuana for 30 days. Through the progression of the documentary and scheduled doctor appointments, we are guided through the effects that cannabis has on the human body.

4. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High – 2007

Director: Brett Harvey

Filmmaker, Adam Scorgie, gives an incredibly informative background on the prohibition of marijuana. The documentary uncovers why the government doesn’t want the public using a natural plant, when they currently benefit from pharmaceutical companies.

Scorgie performs in-depth interviews with growers, criminologists, doctors, police officers, politicians, economists, and pop icons. He exemplifies the different views and benefits that marijuana truly offers in one of the best marijuana documentaries out there.

5. 420 – The Documentary – 2013

Director: Amy Porah

This cannabis documentary does an incredible job presenting the stark contrast and hypocritical views on marijuana. Showing footage from peaceful 420 celebrations, followed by to stories of college students, and others injured by police and murdered for possession, this documentary is very moving.

Porah goes through the history of cannabis from the 1930’s until now, covering the false propaganda and political agendas keeping the public in fear of marijuana. Retired law enforcement also provide shocking stories of policies they regret helping put into effect.

6. American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny 2

Director: Kevin Booth

From the creators of American Drug War: The Last White Hope and How Weed Won The West, we are given moving stories related to the legalization of marijuana.

We witness cutting-edge cannabis research that proves the incredible healing properties denied to the public because the government has complete control. The problems with America’s drug laws lead us to a sensational young boy, Cash Hyde, in need of cannabis oil to survive. Cash was denied medication by the government, when children in foster care are given prescription drugs for things far less critical than Hyde’s illness.

7. The Future of Weed: High Country – 2013

This cannabis documentary explores the culture, background, health effects and the legalization of marijuana in the United States. Marijuana was used as an ancient medicinal plant until 1970 when governments decided to make it a Schedule 1 drug. They declared the plant to have “zero medical value and a high potential for abuse”.

With the legalization of marijuana in states such as Colorado, places like the “Silicone valley of weed” in Denver now exist. It is a booming industry and the technological advancements are creating more effective ways to grow and consume marijuana.

8. When We Grow This Is What We Can Do – 2011

Directed by: Seth Finegold and presented by Luke Bailey

In this cannabis documentary, we follow two young filmmakers as they intensively research the marijuana and hemp industry in the UK. It delves into the history of marijuana, the facts, uses and UK laws surrounding cannabis. Through a series of interviews, the young filmmakers get a better look into why prohibition exists, how it hurts some people and how it really benefits others.

9. Lynching Charlie Lynch – 2012

Directed by: Rick Ray

Rick Ray tells the story of Charlie Lynch, a responsible businessman that opened a medical marijuana dispensary in Morro Bay, California, adhering to State Laws. Local politicians and the chamber of commerce supported Lynch throughout his business ventures, until the DEA steps in.

A federal investigation into Charlie Lynch’s storefront begins, and because marijuana is classified as a Schedule I narcotic, the DEA targets his business and he faces federal penalties.

10. A NORML Life – 2011

Director: Rod Pitman

This is a marijuana documentary displaying the medical effectiveness of marijuana with testimonies from patients, care givers, and medical professionals, while advocating for legalization. NORML is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and has been leading the effort to end marijuana prohibition since 1965. With the efforts put forth by NORML members and activists, people are finally seeing and accepting the medicinal benefits as well as the ability to generate needed tax revenue.

Can you recommend any other cannabis documentaries? If so, let us know on social media!

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