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Learn | 02.17.2023

CBN Vs. CBD: What’s The Difference?

These popular non-psychoactive cannabinoids are dominating the wellness market. But how are they different?

New cannabinoids are constantly meeting the market. While psychoactive, high-producing compounds like THC are incredibly popular, there’s been an influx of research around non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD and CBN

Research and evidence have proved that both CBD and CBN can be very beneficial for a long list of reasons, spanning from anxiety to pain relief. But the question remains, how is CBD different from CBN? Do they produce different effects? Why use CBN over CBD? We’ve got your answers. 

See below for more information about CBN, its similarity to CBD, and which conditions CBN is best suited for.

What Is CBN?

You’ve likely heard of CBD, one of the primary cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp plants that don’t produce a high. Another popular compound that research has proven to be incredibly effective is CBN.

Interestingly, CBN was once THC. That’s because when THC degrades over time and loses its potency and psychoactive effects, it turns into CBN. Worry not. Although CBN was once THC, CBN does not cause a high. The THC has degraded so much that all of its psychoactive power has disappeared.

Although CBD and CBN might have similar names, they’re responsible for promoting different effects and benefits. Read on to learn more.

The Similarities Between CBD And CBN

Being that both cannabinoids do not produce a high, like THC (the primary psychoactive cannabinoid), CBN and CBD are dominating the wellness market by being federally legal in the United States, quickly gaining legal status in other countries and regions worldwide. 

Before we touch on the differences between CBD and CBN, let’s highlight their similarities. Both cannabinoids produce therapeutic benefits, including the following:

  • Analgesic: Relieves pain
  • Anti-inflammatory: Relieves inflammation
  • Anti-convulsant: Releives the severtiy of eplpetic seizsures and other convulsions

The Main Differences Between CBD And CBN

There’s one major difference between CBD and CBN that’s pretty noticeable after taking the latter: sleep. Although CBD promotes rest, relaxation, and pain relief, it doesn’t make you tired unless taken in large amounts.

For example, in order for CBD to make you feel tired, it would take a 100mg dose (or higher) to feel ready for bed. On the other hand, CBN is praised for its positive sleep-promoting abilities in low doses. This means it’s especially beneficial for those struggling with insomnia, late-night intrusive thoughts, and battling pain that keeps you up at night.

CBN may not relieve pain as well as CBD, but it makes you tired enough to distract you from the pain, thus letting you fall asleep easier. If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, look to CBN. 

This cannabinoid is quickly making its way into many products on the market, some of which combine other cannabinoids to produce the entourage effect. Regardless of which you choose, we hope you receive the quality rest you deserve. 

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