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Industry | 12.14.2021

8 Richest People In The Cannabis Industry

Meet the 8 wealthiest people in the cannabis industry.

With the modern cannabis industry comes some big players. Whether they’re actors, recording artists, investors, or business-oriented individuals, these are the people bringing in the most revenue within our evolving industry, courtesy of Insider.

Andrew Modlin

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Modlin is known for co-founding MedMen, a cannabis company with over 25 retail shops and six cultivation facilities. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Modlin has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Irwin Simon

Photo by Scott Mlyn / CNBC

Simon acts as CEO of Tilray, one of the world’s largest and most renowned cannabis companies. Insider mentioned that Simon’s annual salary is a whopping $10 million, and his estimated net worth is around $50 million.

Bruce Linton

Photo by Vadim Daniel

Linton is Charmain and founder of Collective Growth Corporation. He’s also an influential investor in both the cannabis and psychedelic fields. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Linton has a reported net worth of $80 million.

Seth Rogen

Photo by Samir Hussein / WireImage / Getty Images

Ah yes, who could forget cannabis enthusiast and actor Seth Rogen, famous for comedies like Superbad and This Is The End. Earlier this year, Rogen founded his cannabis company, Houseplant. Although his alleged $80 million net worth didn’t entirely stem from Houseplant, he’s still a leading player in the cannabis game.

Terry Booth

Photo by Jason Franson / Financial Post

Terry booth co-founded leading cannabis company Aurora Cannabis in 2013. The company later acquired CanniMed Therapeutics for over $1 billion CAD. This initiative has taken Aurora Cannabis to new heights. According to Insider, Booth once held a stake in Aurora Cannabis worth more than $90 million.

John Cervini

Photo by Blue Rose Designs

Cervini founded Aphria, a renowned Canadian cannabis company. His family allegedly had a family-owned greenhouse business that grew vegetables, but John decided to start growing cannabis to participate in the burgeoning industry. According to Insider, Cervini once held a stake in Aphria worth more than $100 million.

Snoop Dogg

Photo courtesy of Snoop Dog

We saw this one coming. Snoop is most known for his trailblazing hip-hop career. He’s used the revenue generated from record sales and concerts to transition into the cannabis industry. Snoop is the co-founder of Casa Verde Capital, an investment fund worth over $200 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Snopp Dogg’s net worth is roughly $150 million.

Brendan Kennedy

Photo by Spencer Lowell / Fortune

Kennedy is the co-founder of Privateer Holdings, and he’s also the former CEO of Tilray. According to Bloomberg, when Tilray’s stocks were flying high, Kennedy had an estimated net worth of $2 billion. However, once Tilray stocks crashed, Kennedy’s net worth fell to $200 million. According to Insider, Kennedy earned a $3 million salary from Tilray in 2019.

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