Top 5 Cannabis Retail POS Systems

Helping you be the best dispensary in town.

How do you set your dispensary apart from the competition? That process starts with the consumer’s experience.

Now that cannabis is gaining legal status worldwide, regions where it’s already legal to have new dispensaries popping up weekly. Maybe you’re a store owner, and your competition just set up shop down the street.

In order to stand out from the rest, your shop needs the best technology. Using a cannabis dispensary POS system is the difference between a mediocre dispensary and a great one.

While there are regular POS systems, it’s essential to use one geared toward the cannabis industry to ensure all your ducks are in order. Not sure what a cannabis retail POS system is? See more information below and five reliable systems that will always work in your favor.

What Is A Dispensary POS System?

Dispensary POS (point of sale) systems are programs dispensaries can use for their day-to-day processes.

A common need for dispensary POS systems is staying compliant with your state’s laws, meaning your POS system should align with your state’s regulations about seed-to-sale tracking.

Besides law compliance, dispensary POS systems help business owners with the following:

  • Tracking inventory and sales
  • Managing transactions
  • Organizing taxation
  • Age verification
  • Quick and secure payments
  • Reporting and analytics

Because laws are always changing, especially at the state level, having a dispensary POS system that aligns with your state’s laws is essential. This not only ensures your dispensary is in the legal clear, but it makes everyone’s lives easier.

Dispensary POS systems give budtenders the means to sell products effectively. It helps them make product suggestions quickly since they can easily browse the shop’s inventory, and it lets them process transactions faster.

When integrated with displays, scanners, and in-house printers, a dispensary POS system gives you everything to conduct efficient sales while ensuring a positive customer experience. It gives you everything you need to operate your dispensary legally and effectively.

The Top 5 Cannabis Retail POS Systems


Photo courtesy of Dutchie

Dutchie is a leading cannabis retail POS system designed to make your operations seamless. Dutchie provides retailers the support they need, from big businesses to local shops.

It offers one complete solution for both your front-of-house and back-of-house operations. It’s one of the easiest systems for dispensaries of all sizes, assisting with processes like:

  • Payments
  • Tracking
  • Compliance
  • Inventory

Minimal training is required, and Dutchie also provides a kit of essential hardware to create one interconnected workspace.

Front Of House: Dutchie’s hardware includes an intuitive and efficient register that cashiers and customers can both appreciate. These easy-to-use tools ensure the customer’s experience is a breeze. Dutchie’s fully-integrated payments reduce cash fees while boosting revenue with support for debit purchases and Dutchie Pay.

Back Of House: Business owners and dispensary staff need an efficient back office. With Dutchie’s back-of-house tools, you can track your goods from seed to sale and other things that appear on your custom dashboard like:

  • Sales
  • Popular products
  • Average cart value
  • Busiest hours

For more information about Dutchie, visit their website at’s SellTreez POS system is favored for its ease of use and valuable support. This system can completely transform your retail operations while letting you:

• Increase transactions

• Track inventory

• Optimize workflows

• Execute omnichannel sales

SellTreez’s inventory management lets owners control and track inventory and purchases, while its customer management creates a check-in process to reduce wait times.

Its omnichannel sales offer new shopping experiences with an interactive menu and increased purchasing options to cover all bases.


Photo courtesy of Cova

Cova’s dispensary POS system uses tablets to ensure your staff has the means to process transactions and make sales from anywhere in your store.

Its award-winning design is incredibly easy to use and includes essential features like:

  • Inventory Management
  • Compliance
  • Analytics & Reporting

Cova has a built-in ID scanner and age verification, and other features that let customers browse through products while waiting in line. Plus, it also features Offline Mode when Wi-Fi isn’t so strong, which has a full backup function that ensures all customers get what they came for.


Flowhub utilizes Nug Pro integration for instant customer check-in, ID validation, and age verification. It also allows:

  • Fast mobile inventory audits
  • Built-in discrepancy workflows
  • Distribution management

Flowhub also lets you enable fully integrated payment processing at your dispensary, whether in-store, curbside, or delivery. Flowhub’s reporting simplifies cannabis retail operations while allowing shops to expand to new locations with centralized data insights, visibility, and performance analytics. 

It’s a flexible program backed by 8-years of industry-leading knowledge, technology, and expertise. 


Photo courtesy of BioTrack

BioTrack is another dispensary-specific POS system that eliminates human error and reduces manual data entry.

It features hardware and various tools to optimize sales, track inventory, and create returning customers. BioTrack lets you identify sales trends to ensure you’re selling what consumers want.

Besides keeping you compliant with state laws through purchase limits, BioTrack offers features like:

  • Automated discounts and loyalty programs
  • Online ordering and menu displays
  • Automated data entry
  • Creating customer profiles
  • Data-supported CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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