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Culture | 11.25.2022

5 Independent Music Videos You Must Watch

Support independent music whenever you can. These acts are a great start.

There’s nothing like watching your favorite independent artist rise to the top.

We know you love music, and we also know you love weed. What better way to enjoy the two than sparking up with a set of stellar independent music videos to feast your eyes and ears on?

Check out our list of the top music videos from independent artists below.

Ricci Bamboo - The Switch

From Miami to Toronto, Ricci Bamboo is a force to be reckoned with. His latest video for “The Switch” is by far one of the most powerful short films we’ve ever seen.

The versatile stylings of Ricci Bamboo cannot be pinned down to one genre. In fact, “The Switch” isn’t much of a song but more of a movement for racial justice and ending systemic racism once and for all.

The short film, with powerful protests and intense spoken word performances, highlights everything we must change about our corrupted society, and we can’t thank Ricci Bamboo enough for continuing to raise awareness for such a necessary movement.

IG: @riccibamboo

Dana Why - "Jersey Devil"

Dana Why’s new music video for “Jersey Devil” is a trip. The New Jersey-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer is just about ready to drop his highly-anticipated debut LP, The Lyre, in January 2023.

Dana Why’s sound knows no bounds. Born Dana Yurcisin, the dynamic recording artist is a maximalist at heart with a louder-than-life stage presence and attention-commanding vocals. The recent music video for “Jersey Devil” is the perfect introduction to Dana Why’s mysterious, adventurous, and bold musical world.

The song itself is wildly dynamic in terms of genres, constantly leaving you at the edge of your seat with Dana Why’s unpredictable transitions and gripping lyrical concepts. The music video takes a deep dive into some of the most cleverly edited scenes we’ve ever seen from an independent act. Spark up, sit back, and hit play on this conceptual and personal masterpiece for a visual experience like no other.

IG: @dana.why

Neon Empty - "METISZUS"

If you’re looking to stimulate the senses, feast your eyes and ears on the ferocious stylings of Neon Empty in his new music video for “METISZUS.”

This song blasts the speakers with pounding electronic beats and futuristic synths while Neon Empty dives into his powerful bars with splashes of similarities to Eminem.

The song’s music video sees the artist preparing to meet his maker as two masked men fill a bathtub and show Neon Empty his approaching fate. But, alas, he goes with pride and leaves us with a stellar performance to remember him by.

IG: @neonempty

The Vidos - "Boomshackalacka"

The Vidos is just as hilarious as they are talented. This Vancouver-based pop-rock trio knows how to put on a kickass show, which you can see for yourself in their conceptual new music video for “Boomshackalacka.”

As the boys head down to feature on the imaginary competition show, So You Think You Don’t Suck, The Vidos prove exactly that in the wittiest way possible. Once panning over to the judges, they seem oddly familiar, but they’re some of the harshest critics in the business.

As you might have guessed, The Vidos don’t suck, and neither does this knee-slapping music video. Light up your favorite Sativa and tune in to the latest episode of So You Think You Don’t Suck for a witty visual you won’t forget.

IG: @thevidosband


Nixxie is a singer-songwriter, rapper, and aspiring director from Montreal, Canada, who’s proving herself as an artist to watch.

Nixxie has been a force to be reckoned with in Montreal’s burgeoning underground hip-hop scene since the age of eight, often battling b-boys and b-girls three times her age. She practiced for hours a day, watched Beat Street on repeat, and shared the stage with some of the most talented performers in the city.

Her diverse sounds and vivid imagination are showcased perfectly in her timeless hit, “DANCING GUNS,” a tasteful and steamy alternative track with an accompanying music video that’s just as gripping as it is meaningful.

IG: @nixxiwolf

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