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5 Independent Music Videos You Must Watch While You’re High

The power is moving back into the hands of independent artists.

You know that feeling when you fall into the perfect Spotify rabbit hole and you’re just like, “ah the cookies and algorithms are working in harmony today”?

This article is that without having your data mined for profit. Free music, free vibes. You’re welcome.

DeLorean Black :: [Static Rising/Ego On Akira]

“Static Rising” effortlessly builds a dystopian universe within which DeLorean allows his imagination to run wild. Opening with an unsettling robotic voice within a game intro setting, 80s synths slowly creep across the silence — creating an immersive listening experience that is at once dark, sinister and addictive.

Speaking of the audial and visual effort, DeLorean explains, “‘Static Rising’ is a tale about a highly advanced a.i named Demo, trapped in a love bots body, being used against the will she doesn’t know she has.

Everything soon changes when she is freed by a mysterious drifter named Liquid, who takes her away from her captors… Together they are now on the run. Where will they end up after the rising? Stay tuned to find out.”

Kid Bloom - "Cowboy"

Lennon Kloser, the mastermind behind Kid Bloom, is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to singing, songwriting, and strumming. Since 2016, his tunes have been spinning a mix of ’70s and ’80s-inspired pop, electronica, and psychedelic indie rock that is actually mesmerizing.

This musical prodigy didn’t just stop there, though. He propelled into the limelight with the 2020 show-stopping Blood Sugar EP and then kept the vibes rolling with his full-length debut, Highway, in 2022.

Being an acquaintance of mine whom I met in LA, I got to hear this song before it dropped, and the vibe was stuck in my head ever since. The visual is full of nostalgic tones and really gives you the vibe of the song without having to do too much. Shot all in one take, Bloom really puts the atmosphere on a plate and serves it.

J-Soul - Down For Me

Justin Abernethy is a Toronto-based director and photographer. Inspired by culture in all its forms, his portfolio showcases his experiences with people, places, and events, focusing on his desire to capture and portray the human element. In his visual for “Down For Me,” J-Soul’s supposed ride-or-die abandons him in a super minimal mansion while he secludes himself in a spacious mansion.

Struggling with his inner demons, his isolation leads him to indulge in alcohol and smoking by himself on the sofa. Observing his downward spiral, his girl then maliciously plots to set him up, with her plan being to steal his money by drugging him and faking an attack on herself, playing the role of the modern-day victim.

Danger Incorporated - Diamonds

Atlanta villains Danger Incorporated (Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord) create that hidden gem type of music that you find and either gatekeep or tell your one dark wave friend about.

Their debut album, Are You Afraid Of The Danger Boys? is really that dark aesthetic trap music that feels perfectly balanced and not like it’s trying too hard to be cool. Featuring lean sipping, and hair clipping and inspired by the Goosebumps books and the crude world of the internet, the duo has built a lit/weirdo aesthetic that’s in a league of its own.

The visual for “Diamonds caught me off guard when I first heard it because it draws you in, and random shit starts happening like booth lord cutting his dreads off mid-verse while duffle holds a ’90s computer keyboard in his hands. This will always be favorite for sure as it’s unapologetic and dark and trippy.

KayCyy - THE SUN (Prod. Gesaffelstein)

24-year-old, KayCyy, whose real name is Mark Mbogo, is a Kenyan-American rapper and songwriter. Born in the East African nation, he moved to Minnesota, USA, when he was just nine years old.

As a youngin, he found his passion for music through church performances and later began recording rap and songs with friends for fun.

A pivotal moment occurred when he witnessed his older brother perform Kanye’s “Heartless” at a school talent show. Feeling inspired, he resolved to pursue music seriously.

The video for “THE SUN” is flashy, fresh and faced paced, with kacyy’s flow tapped in like a mf. Melody rapping in front of projections of gold pyramids and the sun. There isn’t much to the video, but like the song itself, the video is a damn vibe.

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