Grape Syrup

If you like grape anything…you will love our Grape Delta 8 Hemp THC syrup. Jam-packed with flavor, Grape Activ8 is the perfect match for anyone looking to turn up. Once you pour the syrup into your beverage of choice, shake or stir it up! Activ-8 boosts 98% hemp Delta 8 Hemp THC and is packed full of flavor leaving you wanting to take sip, after sip…. after sip. Pour up, and Activ-8!

  • 6 flavor options
  • Made with hemp-derived Delta-8 THC
  • Made to suit all needs

The six options on these puppies allow you to enjoy any beverage with a new delicious, D8-infused taste every single time. The Delta-8 used to make Activ-8 Syrups is as pure as they come and each unit is designed to trigger a different effect; relax, turn up, focus, or socialize, it’s totally up to you.

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