10 Of This Week’s Funniest #WeedMemes From Instagram


The creativity never ceases to entertain, here’s another ten dank memes!

Lukas W
Jul 26, 2017

Instagram is famous for being the home to some of the most viral meme creators on the internet. This is definitely not limited to truly top notch cannabis themed memes. Here are 10 of this weeks funniest #WeedMemes from the creative minds of Instagram.

1. Listen to the soup

Soup never lies

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2. Stoner homer

tag someone / ur friends

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3. WeedDisney

@luxurious_potheads #luxuriouspotheads

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4. Droppin’ bombs

5. Lemme get one last hit

6. Legend status?

7. We all do it

LOL! 🚬😤💨 #Facts! #puffpuffpass #holdup #iaintevenhitthemotherfuckeryet #weedmemes #verdeterracecollective

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8. “I don’t feel anything”

No I don't feel anything yet

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9. Home-school problems

#memes #dankmemes #weedmemes #funnymemes

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10. Einstein level thought tangents

Lukas W
Jul 26, 2017