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Culture | 05.03.2022

Woody Harrelson Wins An Iconic Award For His Cannabis Advocacy

The 18th annual Emerald Cup Awards present Woody Harrelson with the ultimate cannabis advocacy award.

There’s nothing more satisfying than receiving an advocacy award, especially one named after a legend.

During this year’s Emerald Cup Awards, the one and only “Willie Nelson” award for a lifetime of cannabis advocacy will be given to famed actor Woody Harrelson.

The awards ceremony will go down on May 14, and surprisingly, Harrelson is the only attendee that’s been notified of his win.

The Annual Emerald Cup Awards

For years, the Emerald Cup Awards have been the place for California growers, cultivators, manufacturers, and all other movers and shakers in the industry. 

The annual award show launched in 2004 and continues to feature the state’s best cannabis and related products. This year’s event will be the first time it’s held outside of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. 

The 2022 Emerald Cup Awards will take place at the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood, California. There’s a handful of categories for cannabis industry experts to win.

You can cast your votes on the event’s website

This spans from the best cannabis photos to the best California dispensaries, and all results will be shared come the 18th annual award show on May 14. 


Why Woody Harrelson?


A few past winners of the “Willie Nelson” award include Winona LaDuke, Tommy Chong, Valerie Corral, and of course, the man himself. This time around, Woody Harrelson is being awarded for his lifetime of cannabis advocacy. 

Founder of the Emerald Cup, Tim Blake, mentioned how there are “very few” people he respects and admires as much as Harrelson, making him the perfect fit to receive the renowned “Willie Nelson” award. 

Some of Harrelson’s past endeavors with cannabis advocacy include;

  • Constant activism promoting the plant’s healing benefits
  • Protesting cannabis criminalization by illegally planting hemp seeds in 1996 in Kentucky 
  • Being a leader in environmental sustainability
  • Activism for veganism and vegan culture
  • Encouraging regenerative farming practices

Finally, it helps that Harrelson is opening a new cannabis dispensary and sit-in lounge dubbed The Woods, which will soon launch in West Hollywood. 

Where To Watch The Emerald Cup Awards

On May 14, the doors open for invite-only guests, and the awards will begin at 7:00 p.m. The “After Dark” event featuring music, weed, and eats will be on the rooftop’s Mezzanine to celebrate.

Unfortunately, the event does not offer a live stream. But their partner, Altrd TV, will showcase an archival stream once the award show has finished.


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