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Legalization | 05.24.2022

Road To Legalization: How Brands Can Help End The Stigma Around Cannabis

With a little help from non-cannabis brands, our stigma-free dreams can come true.

Together as a community, we can help end the many stigmas around cannabis.

A brand with a large following can move mountains and quickly spread the word.

We’re not only talking about cannabis brands. Chances are they’re already putting in the work to leave stigmas behind.

What about brands from other industries and massive companies that don’t center operations around cannabis?

These are the brands we’re calling on.

With a little help from them and using the tips we created below, we’ll take one giant step closer toward a global stigma-less cannabis industry.

Using A Successful Platform

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It helps if the brand already has a large and loyal following. It helps if most followers and consumers of that brand aren’t your typical cannabis users. 

To reach a stigma-free cannabis space, we need everyone to understand the therapeutic properties and benefits of cannabis. 

With successful and busy platforms, brands have the power to;

  • Promote the medicinal value of cannabis
  • Support law reform
  • Shed light on the many cannabis prisoners still behind bars today even though the plant is legal in different parts of the world

Changing The Brand's Voice

If a brand markets itself as a progressive and modern company, is that really true if it doesn’t support cannabis law reform?

Let’s be honest, most of our industry comprises Generation Xs, Millennials, and Generation Zs.

While there are far few Baby Boomers in the industry, it’s clear that cannabis comes with a sense of youthfulness, energy, and optimism.

When a brand adopts these tones, it can easily position itself as a progressive brand that supports modern research and studies regarding cannabis and its healing powers.

Relatable & Personable

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A brand is at its most influential when it makes efforts to relate to consumers.

While most of its consumers may not use cannabis, who’s to say they don’t experience issues like stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and more?

All it takes is for a powerhouse brand to support intentional cannabis use and relate to consumers by letting them know that relaxation and relief are rights.

And these rights aren’t so hard to come by when cannabis enters the equation.

Closing Words

There are many ways brands could help relieve the many stigmas around cannabis.

If you’re a brand owner or work for one with a large platform, consider doing your part to aid the cannabis industry and the many people who seek the plant for intentional purposes.

As we continue traveling down the road to legalization in the United States, we encourage you to think about how you can make a difference in ending the stigmas around cannabis.

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