Some of the best festivals to attend happen in the EDM scene. The bass fills your chest like a bong hit and doesn’t stop. The lights and colors permeate like a sativa high that keeps on going up and up. Some enthusiastic fans at the Shambhala Music Festival decided to make a more significant statement than just an awesome HERB t-shirt recently. They brought some ganja to the show that was for more than just smoking.

Shambhala Music Festival, not usually a garden party

At the Shambhala Music Festival this year, some herbal gardening enthusiasts decided to spread the love with some homegrown flair. In the middle of G Jones’ set, they pulled a cannabis plant from hiding and dug a spot for it right in the middle of the dance floor!

And apparently, their gardening escapades didn’t’ stop there. They planted another one while Excision played as well. The Festive Owl shared the videos on Facebook of these guys sharing their love of herb with the crowd.

Spreading the love

We could take a cue from these guys. If we want to spread the love, we have to grow awareness. What better way than by planting the herb everywhere? Although the stunt works great for novelty’s sake, I hate to imagine how quickly someone accidentally stomped on it. A dance floor does not an ideal garden make.

Super stealth grow

Watch these guys re-plant some herb in record time. If I owned a garden, I might just consider them hired based off this display of speed. I guess the tempo of the music does affect the pace of your work.

What’s your favorite music to listen to while high? What do you listen to while tending your garden? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.