The 7 best things to do on 4/20 in an illegal state

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Have an epic 4/20—no matter where you are.

Apr 18, 2018

If weed-friendly events like the Cannabis Cup or the 420 Games sound like a dream more than a reality, then you’re probably stuck living in an illegal state. For those residing in states like Virginia, Georgia, Wyoming, and so on, 420 is yet another reminder of how you’ll be spending this extra special holiday with an anonymous bag of bud and Netflix. Just like a typical Tuesday night. That’s because, in states that lack cannabis laws, there is no legal weed, and there’s especially no 420 festivities. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend International Weed Day on the couch smoking a sad little joint and binge-watching Stranger Things.

As you know, 420 only comes once a year, just like Christmas. With that being said, it’s not a day that should be wasted. Sure, you might not be able to embark on a concentrates and terpenes tour or taste the latest and greatest edible from one of many weed festival vendors. But as long as you have an open mind and plenty of bud, you’re in better shape than you realize. Here are the 7 best things to do on 420 when you’re stuck living in an illegal state.

1. Throw a BYOB party

Not to be confused with bring your own beer, a BYOB party, aka bring your own bud, is one of the best things to do on 420 when you’re stuck living in an illegal state. There’s no need to worry about traveling across the continent to celebrate 420 when you can save your time and money and bring the festival to you. Just like any 420-friendly event, there will be a variety of weed in large quantities, music, snacks, and even games that will ensure you get plenty blazed. Of course, it’s not likely Snoop Dogg will show up to perform, but best believe iTunes has you covered.

2. Smoke weed out of a cone or something fancy

Unless you’re rolling in bud or have impressive lungs, you probably don’t smoke cones often. Because cones are large, they call for a lot of weed and take longer to burn than a blunt or joint. But if you’re stuck living in an illegal state, and you need something fun to do on 420, it’s the perfect time to fill that cone up for once and celebrate. Smoking a cone, especially a Shine 24k Gold Cone, is the best cure for the 420 blues. It’s like having a glass of champagne on New Years—only it’s better for you.

3. Set aside the entire day for blazing

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If you absolutely cannot think of anything to do on 420, then it’s better to be high than miserable so you might as well smoke the day away. While a full 24-hours of smoking the herb sounds like an excellent way to waste the day, reassure yourself that this holiday only comes once a year and it won’t kill you to cuddle up next to your bong on a Friday. If you don’t want to spend it alone with your apparatus, then call over a friend for double the weed and double the company.

4. Have a weed-infused feast

Of all the best things to do on 420 when you’re stuck living in an illegal state, attending a cannabis pop-up is not one of them as they don’t exist. But with the right equipment and the right amount of bud, you can serve up a weedy feast at home with familiar faces rather than strangers. Using the MagicalButter machine, for example, you can infuse your butter with your favorite herb by merely pressing a button. And with that butter, you can then infuse virtually any food you want. Good food, a better buzz, and fantastic company to boot, you can’t go wrong.

5. Attend a concert or festival

Just because there aren’t any 420 events in an illegal state doesn’t mean there aren’t any other events best enjoyed while high. During Spring, there’s always concerts and festivals taking place, no matter where you live. Unfortunately, they won’t have any cannabis vendors or things of that nature. But you can still get buzzed off a J, dance to the music, and chow down on festival food. And if you’re extra sly, you might even be able to get away with sneaking a puff or two while you’re there.

6. Head to the beach

It’s hard to be sad around ocean and sand, which is why having a beach day is one of the best things to do on 420 when you’re stuck living in an illegal state. Everyone has their own vision of paradise, but you can’t help but feel relaxed when imagining yourself plopped in the sand with your weed device of choice in hand. Why not make that dream a reality? With discreet and portable products, like the DaVinci IQ, getting away with puffing on the beach is a breeze.

7. Plan a road trip

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You may live in a state where weed is illegal, but no one says you have to stay there for 420. There’s still time to gather your friends for an epic road trip to a 420-friendly state like Colorado or California. Or, if you love road tripping in general, you can always travel to the closest state that you’ve never been to with your best pals and buds just for a change of scenery. Of course, when riding with weed, there are always risks involved. But by driving the speed limit, being mindful of the police, and concealing your stash when necessary, you can at least lessen the odds of being busted.

Apr 18, 2018