10 Best 420 Events To Hit Up In Washington State


Looking for some sweet parties and deals this 420? Here’s what you need to check out in Washington State.

Anna Wilcox
Apr 14, 2017
Washington State

Looking for a great way to celebrate 420 in Washington? You’re in luck! There are several awesome events and deals going on around the state. While most are concentrated in the Seattle area, folks in Spokane, Tacoma, and Bellingham are also in for a treat or two. Here are the top 10 420 events to hit up this year:

1. 420Fest

Top Ten 420 1 1 10 Best 420 Events To Hit Up In Washington State
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420Fest is a membership party hosted by Seattle Hempfest. Lasting from 3 PM to 10 PM, this party is for anyone hoping to support cannabis and become a Hempfest member. Hempfest members are invited to select parties throughout the year, and celebrations occur ever 3 to 4 months.

  • Festivities: Food, music, raffles
  • Location: Fremont
  • Tickets: Memberships start at $15
  • Find more info here.

2. 420 Party at Origins

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Origins is one of West Seattle’s two primary recreational cannabis shops. While consuming cannabis onsite is not permitted, there will be plenty of local vendors and non-infused samples to try. The party starts at 3 pm, and there will be live music, sweet deals on cannabis products, and local food.

  • Festivities: food, live music, vendors and samples
  • Location: West Seattle
  • Tickets: Free to enter for those 21 and up
  • Find more info here.

3. 4/20 Block Party

Top Ten 420 3 10 Best 420 Events To Hit Up In Washington State
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Ponder Seattle, a recreational dispensary in the Central District, is hosting a 420 block party. Ponder has partnered with Union Coffee and Feed & Co to provide some excellent munchies.

The party will feature life music by JGRGY & DJ RAMOS of KEXP, and attendees can access sweet cannabis happy hour deals all day long. The celebration begins at 3 pm and lasts until 7 pm.

  • Festivities: food, DJ, discounts
  • Location: Central District
  • Tickets: Free admission
  • Find more info here.

4. 420 Industry Mixer

Top Ten 420 4 10 Best 420 Events To Hit Up In Washington State
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Do you work in the cannabis industry? Well, there’s a 420 event just for you. What’s even better is that this mixer will be held in two different cities, both Seattle and Tacoma. The Seattle event takes place on 4/19 and goes from 7 pm to 11 pm.

The Tacoma mixer will take place on 420 proper during the same timeframe. Attendees can enter into a raffle if you show up wearing green.

  • Festivities: food, live music, cannabis
  • Location: Seattle or Tacoma
  • Tickets: Follow text RSVP instructions
  • Find more info here.

5. The Gateway Show (420 edition)

Top Ten 420 5 10 Best 420 Events To Hit Up In Washington State
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There’s nothing better than a little comedy on 420. The Gateway Show, held at the Upfront Theatre is a cannabis-inspired improv show. The show description provides a good idea of what you can expect from this demonstration of silly tomfoolery. Uptown writes,

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – five comics hit our stage and do their best sets, then they go to an undisclosed location to get WAY too high, only to come back in and do another set completely baked.

The show goes from 8 pm to 10 pm.

  • Festivities: Improv comedy
  • Location: Upfront Theatre, Capitol Hill
  • Tickets: $20 for general admission, 25 for VIP
  • Find more info here.

6. Leafly Comedy Tour

Top Ten 420 6 10 Best 420 Events To Hit Up In Washington State
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Comedy fans may enjoy checking out Damon Waynes, Jr. on 420. Sponsored by Do206, the show kicks off at 9 pm at Neptune Theatre. Tickets are a mere $4.20 if you pay in advance, and there will be plenty of drinks available at the bar. You must be 21+ to enter.

  • Festivities: Comedy
  • Location: Neptune Theatre, Capitol Hill
  • Tickets: $4.20 in advance, $4.50 at the door
  • Find more info here.

7. 420 in the 509

Top Ten 420 7 10 Best 420 Events To Hit Up In Washington State
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Live near Spokane? Inlander Green Zone is presenting a free 420 concert. Attendees can listen to classic rock artists Milonga and Fat Lady at The Knitting Factory free of charge if you pick up a ticket from Finders Insurance. Doors open at 6 pm and the show starts at 7 pm. Enjoy drinks and pick up some free Green Zone swag.

  • Festivities: music, vendors
  • Location: The Knitting Factory
  • Tickets: Free, limit 4 tickets per person, pick up at Finders Insurance
  • Find more info here.

8. The Joint 420 Party

Top Ten 420 8 10 Best 420 Events To Hit Up In Washington State
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Northerners in Bellingham need not feel left out. The Joint, a well-known cannabis chain, is offering fat discounts at all of their locations. Half-ounce jars of Jillybean and Ghost Train Haze are offered for $130, and local vendors will be present at a variety of locations for some extra fun.

  • Festivities: vendors, discounts
  • Location: The Joint Bellingham
  • Tickets: Just head over!
  • Find more info here.

9. Dope Cup WA 2017

Are you super into cannabis? The Dope Cup 2017 is just a couple of short weeks away. This year, the event will be held on 4/23, just a few days past the largest cannabis holiday around.

The Dope Cup is presented by Dope Magazine and honors many of Washington’s rising stars in the cannabis industry. Though VIP passes are available, the event is free to enter with an RSVP.

The event will be held at Dockside in SODO, and doors open at 4 pm.

  • Festivities: awards, food, games, drinks, cannabis, music, vendors
  • Location: Dockside Cannabis, SODO
  • Tickets: Free with RSVP
  • Find more info here.

10. 420 Games Seattle

Top Ten 420 9 10 Best 420 Events To Hit Up In Washington State
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For those hoping to extend their 420 celebrations into late May, the 420 Games provide the perfect opportunity. Unlike all of the other cannabis events on this list, the 420 Games seek to connect cannabis to personal care and physical wellness.

The 420 Games in Seattle will be a 4.20 walk/run around Magnuson Park on May 28th. Cannabis consumption is not allowed on location.

  • Festivities: 4.20 mile walk/run, vendors, beer
  • Location: Warren G. Magnuson Park
  • Tickets:  RSVP in advance, $32.64 each
  • Find more info here.
Anna Wilcox
Apr 14, 2017