Cannacon And Why It’s So Important


CannCon is Huge! And it’s the place to be in 2016! Are you going to the most important cannabis “expo” ever?

Evan Hundhausen
Feb 9, 2016

CannaCon is an extremely unique idea. There’s no cannabis at this convention at all. It’s literally all business. Look at the itinerary for 2016 and you’ll see talks on subjects like retail, laws and regulation, flowering techniques, pesticides, breeding, extraction, investing, cultivation, commercial lighting, tax laws, greenhouses, packaging, branding, hydroponics and aeroponics, chocolate weed, and the list goes on.

CannaCon has even changed the hearts and minds of companies who have nothing to do with cannabis at all. For example, House & Garden, American Air Filter, and General Hydroponics, will be represented this year. You can also sign up to hear speakers talk about how to get into the marijuana business, and bring your resume if you’re looking for a job in the industry.

“How did an expo about marijuana, where you can’t smoke weed come about?” you might be asking yourself.

Bob “Get Smart” Smart

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An article on Leafly called, “CannaCon: The Making of a Cannabis Industry Event Without the Cannabis,” details the genius behind founder Bob Smart’s event. The story goes, Bob Smart was watching a TV show where ComicCon was mentioned. A light bulb went off and he thought of the phrase CannaCon. Smart had a background in home and garden shows so he created CannaCon, a “Home Show” for marijuana business people, back in 2014. The expo steers “clear of cannabis jargon, symbolism, activism – and even the plant itself.” Smart is no stranger to marijuana, either. He wrote an online handbook about growing marijuana under the alias Agent 86, a shout out to the old TV show Get Smart.

North West Comfort

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CannaCon is hugely successful because anyone can feel comfortable at this “cannabis business convention, whether they are part of industry or not”. Smart believes 2016 and 2017 will be critical mass for the marijuana industry and he wants CannaCon to be the number one event to go to during these “high” times.

Bud Wiser

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The newest addition to the expo this year is an onsite Budtender Training Certificate Course available for $200.

CannaCon is Huge!

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CannaCon is described on its website as the world’s largest cannabis business marketplace. In the past it’s held from 300 to 400 exhibitors, vendors and booths in the expo hall, showing off the latest in lighting, packaging, service providers and technology with up to 10,000 people attending. It’s a convention for producers, processors and retailers. The top experts in the industry will be there where they will host over 45 seminars this year.

It’s A Date

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If anything, if you’re in the marijuana business, are an enthusiast, or just want to learn all you can about marijuana, be at this conference or be square when it comes to CannaCon 2016. It will be held February 18 through 20th in Seattle on the pier. You can keep up to date with ConnaCon daily on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Have you been to CannCon in the past or are you attending it in 2016?  Let us know on social media or by commenting below.

Evan Hundhausen
Feb 9, 2016