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Buy Weed From Women: Story Behind the Brand

This Black women-owned and operated product design house wants you to use your dollars intentionally.

Every action should always have an intention, even if it’s as little as re-upping your weekly stash.

This is a message that Jasmine Mans cares about so much that she decided to create an entire brand centered around supporting female entrepreneurs and legalizing cannabis. Double whammy.

Take the brand’s “FREE THE PEOPLE AND FREE THE PLANT” tote, for example, championing the expungement of all non-violent cannabis crimes across the country. And then you have the classic, recognizable tote, “BUY WEED FROM WOMEN.”

Behind The Brand

Photo courtesy of Buy Weed From Women

Founded by Jasmine Mans, Buy Weed From Women is a Newark-based Black women-owned and operated product design house with local industrial screen printing.

Growing up, Mans was attracted to the art form of poetry and self-expression. She confesses that being raised in the hood as a performing arts kid led her to write, memorize, and perform poetry.

She would often pen debates, particularly against white performers and writers to share her experiences and perspectives. With this continuing through elementary and high school, Mans went on to compete and win many oratory competitions.

Today, she continues using her voice, experiences, and perspectives to share powerful messages through Buy Weed From Women. The brand’s apparel focuses on supporting women entrepreneurs and legalizing cannabis. Put the two together, and you have Buy Weed From Women.

A New Narrative For Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Buy Weed From Women

Many of us know that the cannabis industry is male-dominant, predominantly white males.

These are the same men whose companies make millions of dollars off the same plant that put thousands of people behind bars. Many of these corporate cannabis giants simply aren’t doing enough to give back to the community and justify the wrongs of the failed war on drugs.

For that reason, and many more, Jasmine Mans wants you to use your dollars with intention, support women entrepreneurs, and help us get closer to federal legalization with Buy Weed From Women.

“By aligning our integrity with a buying power, we control the intention of our dollars,” she explains. The brand promises to continue supporting women and championing cannabis legalization through:

  • Branding
  • Collaborations
  • Dollars

Buy Weed From Women’s staff and partners are women based all over the United States and Canada, and the brand is actively encouraging like-minded women to hop on board and innovate.

For more information about Buy Weed From Women, visit its website at

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