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Behind The Brand: Z’s Life

The perfect blend: stylish accessories to enhance the smoking experience.

A New York company that blends elegance with cannabis.

Z’s Life is a design company that develops and manufactures elegant objects that enhance the overall smoking experience.

An innovative brand that combines the best of two worlds: thoughtful design with functionality and the enhancement of the cannabis consumption experience.

At Z’s Life, they offer timeless objects full of style and versatility that bring a sense of wonder and joy to their owner. Each and every product is meticulously designed with one thing in mind: to enhance and modernize the refined life of smokers.

Z’s Life creates a new image for the art of smoking, embellishing the ritual we all love.

Behind The Brand

Photo courtesy of Z’s Life

Z’s Life was founded in 2016 by Izaak Cohen, an 18-year-old college student looking to demystify cannabis by producing beautiful products that enrich the overall smoking experience.

For several years we have been seeing how Z’s products are disruptive and, at the same time, timeless, breaking the paradigm that those who consume cannabis are lazy or dirty and elevating the experience practically to luxury.

Z’s Life has a unique vision for the world of smokers. The brand focuses on creating products that enhance the smoking experience and turn them into objects of art in themselves.

Z’s Life’s core values include:

Elegance: Z’s Life focuses on creating elegant and sophisticated design objects that make the smoking experience more appealing.

Creativity: The brand combines creativity and innovative thinking to offer products that challenge the boundaries of what is considered conventional in the world of smoking.

Quality: Z’s Life makes sure to use only the best materials for its products, with a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Empowerment: The brand believes in the power of objects to enhance people’s lives and make them feel special.

Unique Accessories That Aren't Just Pretty, They're Functional

Z’s Life focuses on creating timeless objects that provide a refined and elegant smoking experience.

The products offered by the brand are varied and aesthetically eye-catching, delicate, and designed with elements of the highest quality. From ztamps to ashtrays and lighters, all are true works of art.

As one of the iconic products, we present the King Azalea rolling papers by Z’s Life, the perfect addition to your smoking arsenal.

These pearlescent ZBooks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also feature 50 king-size pink papers, 50 perforated filters, and a gold magnetic closure, making them both functional and stylish.

But these rolling papers aren’t just for show. Z’s Life prides itself on creating high-quality products, and King Azalea rolling papers are no exception. Made from FSC-certified flax according to sustainable forestry guidelines, these ultra-smooth burning, organic, and non-GMO papers ensure an even burn every time.

Z’s Life has partnered with Jean Bardou’s JOB, the world’s oldest and most respected rolling paper manufacturer since 1838, to ensure that each 13.5 gsm paper is watermarked with fine lines to ensure an even burn every time, with white ash when properly rolled.

Z’s Life prides itself on sourcing its materials from world-renowned paper mills across Europe and manufacturing each ZBook by hand with the utmost attention to detail. And for those who are conscious of the products they use, rest assured that the pink papers are colored with vegan and non-GMO vegetable dyes.

At only $10, King Azalea rolling papers are a bargain. Add them to your cart now and elevate your smoking experience with the elegance and quality that only Z’s Life can offer.

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