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Can Mixing Caffeine With THC Be Beneficial For You?

For some, there's nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to start the day; for others, dabbling in some THC does the trick. Who's to say you can't do both?

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Mixing THC And Caffeine

Many have reported feeling a sense of anxiety and stress after mixing caffeine with THC. Still, there are many surprising factors on how both chemicals tend to synergize and work off each other to give you a more enjoyable and beneficial experience.

Regarding caffeine alone, coffee also tends to cause anxiety in those whose tolerance isn’t as high. Thus, leading many to balance themselves with CBD or THC.

A study in 2014 by the National Library of Medicine (NIH) demonstrated the effects of mixing THC and caffeine on squirrel monkeys, which concluded that low doses of caffeine might increase the high from THC. Still, that high amount of caffeine could bring the high back down.

How To Effectively Mix Caffeine With THC

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It’s said that finding similar flavors between drinks and THC might help boost your experience on a physical level. The best options for flavored THC products are concentrated THC tinctures, which can be dropped into your warm (not hot) coffee.

THC tinctures are your best bet for finding something that won’t overpower coffee’s taste with many subtle flavors. We must mention that THC tinctures are highly concentrated and have strong effects, so use caution if you have a lower tolerance.

The type of coffee is solely up to the user’s personal preferences; however, a medium to light roast is ideal. It’s easy to satisfy your palette while mixing THC tinctures and coffee, as most THC products offer an earthy aftertaste that perfectly complements fresh coffee.

We also advise using a Sativa or Sativa dominant strain first thing in the morning, as it’s the perfect wake-up call to get your mind and body going. But if Indica is your go-to, use it sparingly when mixing with a stimulant like coffee.

Safely Mixing Caffeine With THC (Or CBD)

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If you find that anxiety seems to linger when mixing caffeine and THC, you have the choice to opt for a lighter compound like CBD to balance the coffee’s effects.

Start with small doses of THC or CBD when mixing with caffeine for the first time; as for anything ingestible, it takes a while for the effects to kick in and react with your body. Ensure to monitor your emotions and reactions when ingesting both chemicals simultaneously, as it works for some but not for others. 

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September 08, 2021 — Last Updated September 11, 2021
Written by Herb
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September 08, 2021 — Last Updated September 11, 2021
Written by Herb

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