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Culture | 12.16.2021

Hasan Piker BANNED From Twitch, Here’s Why

Popular streamer Hasan Piker (@HasanAbi) got banned for the most crazy reason!

Hasan Piker, is considered one of the funniest and smartest liberals on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter. But he was banned for saying a problematic word.

He’s expected to say something on The Leftovers, staring Hasan and Ethan Klein, with the rest of the H3 Podcast team, podcast by 12/16/2021.

Hasan Piker is a far left-wing Twitch streamer, with Turkish origins. He grew up in New Jersey. He has a distinct point of view, but let’s get to the bottom of this…

You’ve gotta watch to understand why you agree or disagree. And let us know on Twitter!

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