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The Best Songs You Need To Hear This Week

Your weekly music needs in one spot.

In the timeless words of Bob Marley, “When music hits you, you feel no pain.”

Music and cannabis share an unparalleled synergy, both carrying the capacity to transport us beyond the realms of our everyday consciousness into a space where creativity blooms and senses are heightened.

There’s a song for every strain and a strain for every song. The right soundtrack can transcend your smoke sesh from a simple recreational activity to an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

As you light up and lean back, you’ll be embarking on a musical voyage, charting a course through a sea of emotions, genres, and eras. From the nostalgic warmth of timeless classics to the raw, refreshing energy of contemporary hits, we’ve assembled a list of songs that will paint your consciousness with a palette of audial colors, creating a masterpiece unique to each listener. 

Yoko Gold - Mirage

Yoko Gold is not just an artist; he is a visionary. With his latest creation, “Mirage,” he transcends the boundaries of conventional music and invites us into a world where reality and illusion intertwine in a mesmerizing dance. 

His music is a canvas on which he paints profound observations of society, revealing the intricate web of social signals that dictate our lives. In “Mirage,” Yoko Gold delves into the enigmatic script that life has become, offering no easy answers but inviting us to contemplate the profound question: is this existence nothing more than a mirage?

With “Mirage,” Gold peels back the layers of everyday life and reveals the illusions we project. It is a reminder that, beneath the surface, we all struggle with our own illusions and desires, searching for authenticity in a world full of facades.

His art goes beyond sound, creating multi-sensory experiences that transport us to a place where imagination and reality converge.

Welcome to the Golden Standard, where Yoko Gold invites us to see beyond the mirage and into the heart of human existence.

Pair this track with Jack Herer.

Mischa - 999

Mischa is no ordinary artist; she is a force of nature in the hip-hop world, combining her skills with a touch of R&B to create a captivating and energetic musical experience. At every performance, Mischa leaves her fans spellbound, thanks to her lyrical prowess and an unabashed personality that shines through her words. 

On her track “999,” Mischa sees through the facade many people wear, challenging us to confront our own reflections and the truths we often try to hide. The song’s hypnotic rhythm and powerful performance make it impossible to ignore.

Through her penetrating verses, Mischa reveals her ability to perceive the masks and illusions that people project. The song invites you to question the sincerity of those around you and, at the same time, to confront your own hidden truths. The repetition of the refrain “I see right through you” emphasizes the central idea of the song: the ability to discern reality behind appearances.

With each verse, Mischa peels back the layers of deception, exposing the duplicity that often permeates our interactions. 

Pair this track with Super Silver Haze for a good time.

Kenya Grace - Strangers

Kenya Grace, the sensational English artist, has taken the world by storm with her sweeping song “Strangers.” With a voice combining the freshness of PinkPantheress, Charli XCX’s boldness, and Piri’s emotionality, Kenya Grace became a musical phenomenon in 2023.

Strangers,” that electrifying song, was born in the privacy of her bedroom, where Kenya Grace wrote and produced this ode to drum and bass with the intention of creating a sentimental anthem that would glow in the hearts of her listeners. 

Kenya Grace promoted her song in spectacular fashion, sharing eight videos that each surpassed 1 million views, in which we could see her passionately performing the track on her electronic drum set. The song also went viral on Instagram Reels, conquering hearts and ears around the world.

The lyrics of “Strangers” plunge us into a touching and universal love story, where the artist expresses the feeling that each new love encounter takes her back to the past as if everything were déjà vu. 

Pair this dreamy tune with Purple Amnesia.

Le Big Zero - Toy

Le Big Zero, through his song Toy, talks about the challenge of delving deeper and exploring what lies beneath the surface.

The song features male and female harmonies that captivate listeners with their beauty and intensity. But as more time is spent with the music, complexities, unexpected tempo changes, and syncopations are discovered. Le Big Zero effortlessly transitions between big, deep, scrambled chords and garage rock and then moves into the realm of art rock with angular melodies.

Le Big Zero’s music has the power to bring people together, filling the room with its infectious sound and temporarily suspending the inherent distrust that often permeates our lives.

So get ready for the sonic adventure that awaits on Le Big Zero’s “Toy.” With their unconventional hooks, collaborative energy, and unique blend of influences, Le Big Zero invites you to experience their music in all its captivating glory.

Pair this track with Pineapple Express.

Azure Blue - Rise

Azure Blue, the Swedish dream pop virtuoso also known as Tobias Isaksson, returns with his latest masterpiece, “Rise.”

“Rise” unfolds with a lush soundscape that is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s a high-fidelity dream, characterized by pulsating drums that transport you on a sonic roller coaster. As it transports you, you’ll be captivated by opulent layers of analog synthesizers and a Peter Hook-like bass line. The vocal harmonies add an extra layer of charm to the track.

Azure Blue has always been known as a die-hard romantic, and on Rise he wears his heart on his sleeve, painting a vivid picture of a love story full of ups and downs.

Pair this track with OG Kush.

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