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Herb Frequency: The Best Songs You Need To Hear This Week

Your weekly music needs in one spot.

What’s better than a sesh with the perfect playlist? Not much.

We give props to the music junkies, the playlist curators, and those who ensure each sesh is backed with bang-up tunes.

Fortunately for you, we’re tuning in to the best songs on the charts week by week to keep your sesh playlist updated.

If you’re ready to learn more about your favorite artist or simply want to give your playlist a groovy boost, look no further than Herb Frequency.

After all, your sesh is only as good as your music.

"Jimmy Cooks" - Drake ft. 21 Savage

Maybe one of the only pure hip-hop songs off Drake’s surprise album, Honestly, Nevermind, this heated banger with 21 Savage is a gripping experience that will keep your head banging from start to finish. For our night owls out there who adore their nighttime Indica seshes, opt for a heavy-hitting strain that Drizzy would adore, like the classic OG Kush. It’s a chill, relaxing high that perfectly pairs with a bop like this.


"AHHH HA" - Lil Durk

Lil Durk goes hard, and his track “AHHH HA” is no exception. It’s a thrilling toe-tapper that’s bound to smoke your speakers. Lil Durk’s flow is nothing but attention-commanding, and the heavy production serves enough heat to keep you warm in the middle of winter. Keep your energy high and mighty with a stimulating Sativa strain like Green Crack, keeping the party alive with one simple toke. 


"Dark Allies" - LIGHT ASYLUM

When you’re ready to be transported into a surreal and exciting sonic atmosphere, hit play on “Dark Allies” by LIGHT ASYLUM. The exhilarating and nostalgic 80s production paired with the rich, anthemic vocals makes for one hell of a listening experience. Maintain that thrill with a sweet hybrid strain like Runtz, giving you enough physical energy and mental relaxation to keep the party going. 

"ON SOME HIGH" - Sebastian Paul

If you love bass-heavy alternative tunes, you’ll adore “ON SOME HIGH” by Sebastian Paul. It’s a beachy, feel-good summer tune that cranks through your speakers with buzzy, electronic production, kicking bass lines, and euphoric synth arrangements. Bring that euphoria even higher with a blissful Indica strain like Ice Cream Cake, flooding the mind with optimism, relaxation, and vibes. 

"Elon Musk" - DDG ft. Gunna

This melodic and easy-going hip-hop track shares the chilling and dreamy stylings of DDG alongside the familiar sounds and stylings of Gunna. It’s a wavy listening experience that brings everything we love about both talented artists and much more. Pair the song with a kickass hybrid strain like Sherbert to relax the mind and stimulate your creative senses, letting you hear sounds and aspects you didn’t catch when sober.



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