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Culture | 03.12.2023

The Best Songs You Need To Hear This Week

Your weekly music needs in one spot.

What’s better than a sesh with the perfect playlist? Not much.

We give props to the music junkies, the playlist curators, and those who ensure each sesh is backed with bang-up tunes.

Fortunately for you, we’re tuning in to the best songs on the charts week by week to keep your sesh playlist updated.

If you’re ready to learn more about your favorite artist or simply want to give your playlist a groovy boost, look no further than Herb Frequency.

After all, your sesh is only as good as your music.

Jane Jetson - Mischa

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Blazing the trail for women in Canadian hip-hop, Mischa is a force to be reckoned with.

Her latest single, “Jane Jetson,” is an explosive yet poised banger that sees the Ottawa-hailing artist spitting fire in her pink robe, ready to knock out the competition. She’s created a massive buzz in her hometown, not to mention securing a spot on the lineup at this year’s Metro Metro in Montreal.

The rising star smacks the track with captivating melodies that transition into a raw, blunt, no-fucks-given attitude that makes you love her that much more. Her bars are equally as conceptual as they are catchy. You’ll be singing along to “Jane Jetson” in no time.

Do yourself a favor and spark up to “Jane Jetson” with a potent hybrid strain like Cream N’ Tina by Next Friday. A Canadian brand for a Canadian powerhouse artist.

Major Distribution - Drake, 21 Savage

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Some people dare point the finger at Drake for making similar music every year. Major Distribution starts with a quiet verse from Drake, but after the drop, the next 2 minutes are fire.

Major Distribution may not be the most revolutionary song, but the talents of Drake and 21 Savage are tough to compete with. 

 Major Distribution is not a complex song. It has everything needed to get your body moving and the lyrics flowing through your head. This song has a hypnotic effect when smoking weed. Try some LSD strain with it; you are going to learn the lyrics right away and rap along to Drake and 21. 

Hero - Martin Garrix, JVKE

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This mix of talented artists will astound you. JVKE’s great voice, combined with the experience of Martin Garrix, makes for a great show.

“Hero” is the theme song for the latest Marvel video game. Despite its predictable design, JVKE’s vocal has a positive chemistry with Garrix’s motives. He nailed the perfect balance of elegance and EDM.

 The video is an important part of the song; it’s worth watching, and for superhero fans, it has a lot of references. This song sounds perfect for some video games and a good blunt. Some Jack Haze can help you stay concentrated while gaming and listening to good music.

I Hope You Find Whatever You Are Looking For - Future Someone

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Kyle Walters is a musician who has been involved in several bands over the years, including Ionia and Those Mockingbirds. However, with this solo project, he takes a different approach. He puts down the guitar and instead uses soaring keyboards, ultra-precise drum arrangements, and heavy-hearted pop lyrics to create a dynamic and captivating experience for the listener.

The song opens with the blunt statement, “You’re not what I want; you’re not what I need.” This line is delivered beautifully and sets the tone for the rest of the song. Throughout the track, there are shades of St. Vincent, Tame Impala, and The 1975, making it a unique and captivating experience that is sure to have you sailing over the metaphorical washed-out waves.

This song is best suited with a mellow and soothing strain like Shiva Skunk. This strain has an incredibly relaxing and calming potential but is also great for inducing a reflexive and meditative state of mind. 


A Little Bit Of Love - Weezer

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Alt-rock legends Weezer have returned with the release of their new single, “A Little Bit of Love.” Don’t be fooled, though; this is not a classic Weezer song. This is a more mature, pop-leaning Weezer than we’ve heard in recent years.

 Weezer’s new song is vibrant and euphoric. The band’s new single continues their indie adventure while also filling a void in the industry. It is catchy and reminds us of their first hits, but with a different style.

 “A Little Bit of Love” may become one of your favorite road trip songs. Perfect for staring out the window while tripping on Amnesia Haze. This strain has high psychedelic effects that would fit perfectly with such a chill song.

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