Pineapple Express Marijuana Strain

Pineapple Express may not be the crazy potent bud the hit film suggests, but it won’t disappoint. This charming hybrid is perfect for daytime use. Sativa dominant, pick up this strain when you want a clear-headed experience.

Pineapple Express Weed; Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain; Pineapple Express Hybrid Marijuana Strain

In 2008, the Pineapple Express depicted by the James Franco and Seth Rogan film was an ultrapotent super bud. The real life version? A great strain, but not nearly as intense. Pineapple Express is an upbeat flower with a smooth, tropical taste. A charming cerebral high coupled with an easy bodily relaxation and scrumptious aroma make this strain one of the most popular hybrids around.


Pineapple Express Strain Experience


The Pineapple Express strain of the film may have been a couch-locking super bud, but the strain in real life is a different beast. The high tends to begin in the head, with a happy kick and a positive sense of well-being. Though sativa-dominant, the strain strikes a balance between body and mind.

Pineapple Express is an exceptional recreational strain. This bud certainly provides a strong experience. However, it’s playful nature and upbeat attitude make it excellent for social gatherings and plenty of long, playful conversation. Plus, this strain’s delightful, fruity scent is always a delight at a party or any other festivity.

After a few puffs, you may find yourself floating off into a dreamy, but pleasant headspace. The plant’s focused characteristics make it a great choice for daytime activities. Everything you do will be touched by a sort of relaxed, blissful, happy marijuana glow. Artists and creative types may enjoy the thought-provoking qualities of this strain. Many users report creative inspiration after a few puffs.

Many consumers report that it also provides a smooth and gentle bodily relaxation, easing signs of physical stress. Those that are a little more canna-savvy may be able to wake n’ bake with this bud, but be prepared for some drowsiness later on down the road.

Like many high-THC strains, this one can stimulate appetite. Grab some friends and a bowl of snacks before breaking into this flavorful herb.


Traits of Pineapple Express and Pineapple Express Seeds

Pineapple Express is a cross between Trainwreck and a Hawaiian landrace strain. Trainwreck is a powerful hybrid known for its happy high and soaring THC levels.

Hawaiian strains are thought to be mostly sativa and provide a spirited clear-headed elevation. Sativa-dominant, Pineapple Express provides a happy and euphoric high overall, along with a mellow increase in energy.

Like Trainwreck, Pineapple Express can be quite potent. The THC levels in this bud often reach over 20 percent, making it appropriate for those with some cannabis experience.

Growers can expect a moderate yield a fairly speedy flowering time from this bud. Most harvest between 53 and 62 days. This strain’s buds are both tightly coiled bundles leaves that stretch out in the typical Sativa shape. Plants that have been exposed to cold weather will show flashes of red amongst the deep green leaves, always a pleasing extra for marijuana enthusiasts. Orange, sometimes almost red pistils and a nice layer of resin top off these nugs, which can be tough to break up without a grinder.

While Pineapple Express does make for a delightful experience, the aroma of this bud is the most likely to impress. A strong, floral fragrance tantalizes the nose. As the name might suggest, it offers a strong tropical feel. Notes of pineapple, wood, and a slight sharpness make up the aromatic base of this flower.


Medical Benefits of Pineapple Express

Medical cannabis patients often pick up Pineapple Express relief from mental health ailments. Sativa dominant, this strain makes for great daytime medication.

  • Those with anxiety or PTSD, can appreciate the jolly, upbeat, and carefree attitude of this strain.
  • Many patients find that this strain improves focus in ADD/ADHD, eases depression, and crushes chronic fatigue
  • Those who struggle with appetite also tend to like this strain.
  • Mild aches and pains evaporate with this tangy hybrid

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September 05, 2016 — Last Updated July 30, 2021
Written by Anna Wilcox

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September 05, 2016 — Last Updated July 30, 2021
Written by Anna Wilcox

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