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strains | 11.05.2021

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express may not be the crazy potent bud the hit film suggests, but it won’t disappoint. This charming hybrid is perfect for daytime use. Sativa dominant, pick up this strain when you want a clear-headed experience.

In 2008, the Pineapple Express strain depicted in the James Franco and Seth Rogan namesake film was an ultrapotent super-bud of sorts. In reality, the Pineapple Express is a great strain, but not nearly as intense as we see there. And, if you haven’t tried it yet, or you love it, you will want to know what the best places to get your Pineapple Express are. 

Pineapple Express is an upbeat flower with a smooth, tropical taste. A charming cerebral high coupled with an easy bodily relaxation and scrumptious aroma make this strain one of the most popular hybrids around.

Pineapple Express Strain Experience

The Pineapple Express strain of the film may have been a couch-locking super bud, but the strain in real life is a different beast. The high tends to begin in the head, with a happy kick and a positive sense of well-being. Though sativa-dominant, the strain strikes a balance between body and mind.

Pineapple Express is an exceptional recreational strain. This bud certainly provides a strong experience. After a few puffs, you may find yourself floating off into a dreamy, but pleasant headspace. The plant’s focus-inducing effects make it a great choice for daytime activities. Everything you do will be touched by a sort of relaxed, blissful, happy marijuana glow. 

Many consumers report that it also provides a smooth and gentle bodily relaxation, easing signs of physical stress. Those that are a little more canna-savvy may be able to wake n’ bake with this bud but be prepared for some drowsiness later on down the road.

Like many high-THC strains, this one can stimulate appetite. Grab some friends and a bowl of snacks before breaking into this flavorful herb. One of the moments I enjoy the most about cannabis is when I get the munchies, and this baby will be amazing to create a top-tier gastronomic experience.

Traits Of The Pineapple Express Strain

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Pineapple Express Lineage

Pineapple Express, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is the cross between the Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains. Hawaiian is a wonderful sativa strain that is known to provide amazing creativity boosting user experiences. As such, the strain in question has proven to perform at a creative and focus-inducing level.  

Like Trainwreck, a powerful hybrid known for its happy high and soaring THC levels, Pineapple Express can be quite potent. The THC levels in this bud often reach over 20 percent, making it appropriate for those with some cannabis experience. 

Pineapple Express Effects

Hawaiian strains are thought to be mostly sativa and provide a spirited clear-headed elevation. Sativa-dominant, Pineapple Express provides a happy and euphoric high overall, along with a mellow increase in energy. Artists and creative types may enjoy the thought-provoking qualities of this strain. Many users report creative inspiration after a few puffs.

However, its jolly nature and upbeat attitude make it ideal for social gatherings and plenty of long, playful conversations or even naughty moments! In reality, this beast of a strain is great in many different scenarios and environments. I personally enjoy both a night out with friends or a more calm game night at home.

Pineapple Express Growing Info

Growers can expect a moderate yield and a fairly speedy flowering time from this bud. Most harvest between 53 and 62 days. This strain’s buds are both tightly coiled bundles leaves that stretch out in the typical Sativa shape. 

Plants that have been exposed to cold weather will show flashes of red amongst the deep green leaves, always a pleasing extra for marijuana enthusiasts. Orange, sometimes almost red pistils, and a nice layer of resin top off these nugs, which can be tough to break up without a grinder.

Pineapple Express Aroma and Flavor Profile

While Pineapple Express does make for a delightful experience, the aroma of this bud is the most likely to impress. A strong, floral fragrance tantalizes the nose. Plus, this strain’s delightful, fruity scent is always a delight at a party or any other festivity. 

As the name might suggest, it offers a strong tropical feel. Notes of pineapple, wood and a slight sharpness make up the flavor profile of this flower. The terpene profile of this plant is made up of myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene, so expect a peppery and herbal aromatic profile.

Medical Benefits of Pineapple Express

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Medical cannabis patients often pick up Pineapple Express to assist in relieving symptoms from mental health ailments. This sativa dominant strain makes for great daytime medication. Many patients find that this strain improves focus in ADD/ADHD, eases depression, and crushes chronic fatigue.

Users looking for anxiety or PTSD relieving user experience can appreciate the jolly, upbeat, and carefree attitude of this strain. Others may find this strain alleviates mild aches and pains, relaxes the body, and is great against inflammation. 

Where Can I Get The Best Pineapple Express Products?

Binoid Pineapple Express D8 + D10 Vape Cartridge

Binoid is well known for its dope products and these carts are no exception! The Pineapple Express Delta 8 + Delta 10 carts combine the best of both cannabinoids for an amazing user experience that is rich, powerful, and tasty.

Grower’s Choice Seeds – Pineapple Express Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Maybe you’re interested in growing a plant of Pineapple Express, make sure you get quality seed and study or investigate some tips so you care for your baby. Pineapple Express is a fast and daring strain that will challenge you and you’re bound to get the best out of that investment.

CBDfx Pineapple Express Terpene Oil

This Pineapple Express extract has 500mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle that is great for filling up your carts. The fan-favorite terpene oil has 100% naturally sourced terps and is designed for smooth hitting user experiences.

Moonwlkr Delta 8-THC Gummies – Pineapple Express

These 12.5 mg Delta 8 THC gummies are infused with Pineapple Express, meaning you’ll experience the flavor and effects of this wonder-strain. The Moonwlkr gummies come in a pack of fifty, for a total of 625 mg of D8 at just $49.99! 

Funky Farms CRD Vape Pen

This CBD vape pen looks dope and tastes delicious, with naturally sourced terps that provide that amazing Pineapple Express, citrusy and fruity flavor. Each cart contains 3 ml of broad-spectrum hemp extract that has 200 mg of CBD.

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