Culture | 02.21.2023

Juna: Are You Ready To Be The Best Version Of Yourself?

Powered by plants, with all the magic of CBD and an aesthetic that looks as good as it works.

Juna is a revolutionary brand that takes the full power of plants and packs it into beautiful, benefit-filled packaging.

Juna’s mission is to prove that plants can be as effective as fast drugs and provide lasting, long-term benefits. 

Juna’s plant-based formulas are carefully crafted, with over 60 of the highest quality botanical ingredients and the full backing of science. They indeed are magic in beautifully designed formulations that improve the quality of life like never before.

About Juna

Juna is a cannabis brand that is revolutionizing the way CBD is perceived. Juna’s science-backed solutions incorporate dozens of active botanicals to combat stress, aid digestion, improve mood and help you sleep.

Juna focused on being an ally for mothers and professional women looking for an effective yet non-pharmaceutical solution to optimize mind, body, mood, sex life, and sleep. 

Juna’s product blends focus on different functions that may be needed, depending on each person’s preferences. 

Their products are the perfect complement to be the best version of ourselves. They are made by women for women. 

Juna and its products are simply the best of the best.


A Best Friend For Your Body And Mood

Two mothers teamed up to create Juna, a line of plant-based products to optimize every possible aspect of daily life.

At Juna, they know that commitment to the planet can’t be a game, so they work with farms that use regenerative agricultural practices such as permaculture, companion planting, crop rotation, seed diversity, composting, native planting and cessation of pesticide and herbicide use to improve soil quality and protect biodiversity and the entire ecosystem. 

They also work with suppliers, manufacturers, and laboratories that share their core values—always looking for the best partners with a combination of cGMP, NSF, and organic certification.

This is not only about protecting the planet. It is also about assuring their customers that their products are made with the best practices in the market and that they contain what they promise. Quality in every sense.


All of Juna’s product formulas are 100% plant-based, are backed by science, and are produced on farms with responsible environmental practices that are also tested by third-party laboratories that guarantee the purity, potency, and efficacy of every drop.


On top of that, they have an unwavering social commitment, supporting different organizations with honorable causes.


As a golden closing: their products taste great, have high-quality ingredients, and are designed to help us have a better life. What a great job Juna!

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