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Culture | 05.10.2023

Lion Order: Free The Herb

From father to son, the connection between I and I has never been stronger.

Bob Marley, a legend in the eyes of the world, planted a seed that started a movement which turned into a legacy. That legacy was passed onto his son, Rohan Marley, years later to spread the message of peace, love, and prosperity through the power of the herb: enter Lion Order

On 4/20 of 2022, Rohan Marley and his team full of beautiful souls embarked on a mission that would shape the future of cannabis and expand the philosophy of Rastafari to new heights through the release of his roots luxury brand “Lion Order,” which is the principle of returning to the truest form of the self without trying to be “something.”

It’s way deeper than the herb itself. The herb is just the glue connecting you to the deepest overstanding of yourself.

We recently had the magical opportunity to share a spiritual journey with Rohan Marley and the vibrational circle of people around him as we witnessed the true essence of “being” through the power of cannabis.

Ro's Vision

Photo By Michael Rosati (IG: @rosatiphotos)

For an idea to reach its full potential, the right cards have to be in place. Not only that, but the stars have to align. 

Through the guidance of Jah, the recipe was ready to be tasted by the world. Rohan knew this when he crossed paths with the then-unfinished 305 Farms: an empire that would be built alongside Lion Order and help to take Rohan’s vision, uplift it into an evolution of historical traditions, and encourage the expansion of the highest oneness.

Upon arriving at 305 Farms, we could feel the energy in the air was rich with soulful wealth and freedom of being, and with the first greetings from the 305 and Lion Order teams, we knew we were in the right place. 

An unexplainable essence runs through all of us when the frequencies of life are aligned, and let us tell you, everything was aligned to a divine science from day 1. 305 Farms and Lion Order opened their world to us with truth, honesty, and no egos. They treated us like family from the moment we stepped through the door.

The truth is, you can’t hide energy, and real recognizes real. We all knew each other in the soul. This is the essence of Lion Order, to make contact with the self, to see the truth, and to let that truth guide you to freedom.

Home Is Where The Heart Is: 305 Farms

Photo By Michael Rosati (IG: @rosatiphotos)

305 Farms, Lion Order, and everyone involved built something special from the ground up. As we toured the compound, we met many friendly faces within the family who were generous enough to show the Herb team the inner workings of keeping this massive cannabis empire running. 

From cultivation and curing all the way to packaging, we were immersed in the life and soul of Michigan’s biggest cannabis distributor. Giving back to the people and the community is what 305 is all about. They’re proud to build something that enhances the lives of everyone, no matter the cost. 

During the 305 Farms tour, we were graced by the wonderful presence of Jan Verleur, Managing Partner of The Verleur Group (TVG), the investment group behind 305 Farms. He showed us an impressive replica of what the compound would look like upon completion. If you’re imagining the Disneyland of cannabis, you’d be correct.

305 Farms is a state-of-the-art 40-acre compound nestled in the Michigan woodlands, with plans for a helicopter pad and cottages for guests, and even a massive body of water, which the 305 team stocks with fish for the local community to use for fishing. It’s a home away from home.

Holding The Weight: The Heavyweight Heads

Photo By Michael Rosati (IG: @rosatiphotos)

When the Heavyweight Heads team enters the room, they stay true to their name, walking in black and gold garments like real Heavyweight champions. You know they’re about their shit at first glance, but we looked a lot deeper. We found an out-of-this-world group with the purest energy that was truly changing the game for Michigan cannabis and putting it on the map. 

Rohan and his Lion Order team partnered with Heavyweight Heads to develop propriety genetics through Heavyweight Heads breeding projects that are very particular to Rohan’s palate and preference, providing customers with very specific genetics and strains that Rohan smokes himself. Smoke what Ro smokes.

Instead of being driven by cannabis, Heavyweight Heads is driven by the culture. With their genetics and premium quality, the top-shelf flower is raising the bar for Michigan-grown cannabis. Needless to say, their flower is approved by connoisseurs far and wide, like Rohan Marley. Their Sativa strain Orangutan won 1st place for Recreational Sativa Flower at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan 2021. 

The team behind the scenes has decades of experience in counterculture and is deeply passionate about cultivating each plant to perfection. The company’s partnership with Rohan Marley’s brand Lion Order marks a new beginning for Heavyweight Heads as they continue raising the bar for cannabis in Michigan and worldwide.

The Lion Order Event: A Recap

Photo By Michael Rosati (IG: @rosatiphotos)

There’s something otherworldly about being in a room and feeling your chakras align without having to do anything. We felt alignment as we entered the first dispensary, Harbor Farmz, where we met some top industry figures. One of which included the Cannabis/Marijuana Hall Of Fame founder Vincent, an enthusiastic and well-spirited man. 

The air was thick with excitement as the crowd of supporters huddled around Rohan and the team to learn more about the Lion Order philosophy and the power of finding oneself. As we filmed throughout the day, we witnessed the spirit of Bob Marley through the eyes of several generations, young and forever young, learning about life beyond the herb. 

Moving on to the next dispensary, Bazonzoes, the crowd of supporters grew immensely. It felt like we were touring with a band. In all honesty, we were. We were amidst a group of real-life rockers who were the true embodiment of the Rastafari philosophy meant to spread the message to a new age. 

Onwards to Nature’s Remedy and Pleasantrees, the vibes kept rolling as Ro greeted supporters and shared stories while listening to anecdotes of young fans and their life-changing moments with the power of the herb. 

Many beautiful moments marked the tone of the journey. We had made it through 4 days with not even one blemished occasion. Peace, love, and prosperity at its fullest was all we could ask for, and that’s exactly what we experienced with Rohan Marley, Lion Order, 305 Farms, and Heavyweight Heads. 

This is the future of cannabis, and it’s inviting you to see life through a whole new perspective… through the eyes and soul of Lion Order.

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Photo By Michael Rosati (IG: @rosatiphotos)

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