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Culture | 06.27.2024

20 Easy & Hilarious Weed Halloween Costume Ideas

In the market for weed related Halloween costumes? Welcome.

Halloween is right around the corner.

With this in mind, it’s time to search for the perfect weed themed Halloween costumes.

While some like to dress up as vampires and naughty teachers, others have higher ideas.

From giant bongs to Cheech and Chong, marijuana enthusiasts like to trick-or-treat their way.

Whether it be for Halloween, or for 420 costume ideas, we present the best marijuana costume ideas available.

Funny Weed Halloween Costumes

Jay And Silent Bob's Bluntman Stoner Halloween Costumes

Some heroes wear a trenchcoat. Bluntman definitely isn’t the normal superhero. He can’t fly like some of the superheroes out there and he also doesn’t have super strength. He can’t lift stuff with his mind and he can’t shoot any lasers out of his eyes.

A Pot Leaf Costume

We can guarantee you’ll get everyone’s attention by walking around dressed up as a marijuana plant.

This is probably the most straightforward marijuana Halloween costume.

A Rasta Banana Costume

Dressing up as a banana is overrated. Better spice things up and go as the only banana that likes to smoke pot: Rastaman Banana.

A Weed Superhero Costume

Every party needs a hero, and what a better hero than a pot superhero.

Weed Halloween Costume Ideas

A Bag Of Weed Costume

If you’re in the mood to create a costume of your very own, you should consider being a bag of weed. After all, what better way to show your love for pot than to be it?

A Medical Marijuana Jar Costume

It’s always best to have some medicine around at parties. And what a better one than pot.

A Weed Latex Face Mask

With this mask, you’ll look like a mutant straight out of the X Men movies. Your superpower? Smoke blunts all day.

Weed Related Halloween Costumes

A Rasta Ted Costume

Imagine showing up to a Halloween party dressed as Ted the pot-smoking bear, as a rastaman. Carry a bong around to complete the ensemble and you’ll have everybody tripping.

A Weed Chef Costume

Ultimately, everyone loves the person with the pot brownies. And as a cannabis chef, you can serve up some magical cakes to all of your friends.

A Cannabis Suit Costume

Stylish. Elegant. Fancy. Stoner. Get this suit and you’ll be the highest businessman at the party.

A Sexy Weed Nurse Costume

Consider this costume an upgrade from your traditional nurse outfit. Whether you are handing out candy or “prescribing” your friends with pot, you’ll look damn good in this getup.

A Weed Doctor Costume

Doctor Ken Abyss is here to cure anyone that’s not having a good time at the party. He’ll probably prescribe marijuana.

A Weed Mascot Costume

Aside from catching some laughs, you’ll let people know what you love pot. Although the costume is pretty simple, the message it sends out is strong. Plus, you’ll be the loudest guy at the party with all of that cannabis greenery.

A Rasta Head Costume

You can even have your own smoke party inside this huge rastaman head.


Weed Joint Halloween Costumes

A Weed Blunt Costume

If Halloween is about getting “lit” then why not dress up as a blunt?

A Spliff Costume

Of course, everyone loves the guy dressed as a large joint. How could you not? And with a name like Spliff, this costume is worth the purchase solely for the fact that you can tell all your buddies what you are. Rather than saying you’re a joint, you say Spliff.

Weed Couple Halloween Costumes

Cheech & Chong Costume

This costume is perfect for not only guys but also any woman not looking to let it all hang out. Plus who doesn’t love Cheech and Chong, the two coolest pot-smokers ever? In general, this costume is a win-win.

Cannabis Leaf And Rolling Papers Costume

You’ll be the most lit couple at the party with these marijuana-themed costumes.

DIY Weed Halloween Costumes

A Hippie Costume

Nothing says “I like pot” like this costume kit: a weed hat, weed glasses, and a weed necklace.

A Rastaman Costume

Get this costume kit and go to your party looking like you had just landed from a reggae concert in Jamaica.

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