Culture | 12.07.2023

Top 7 Weed Inspired Tattoos You Should See

Are you looking to get some new ink and love weed? Discover the coolest weed tattoos from around the world.

Tattoos and weed may get along so well because they have always been unfairly stigmatized. But, come on, having tattoos and smoking weed doesn’t make you a worse or better person, and fortunately, the world is changing those prejudices.

As we see it, tattoos and weed serve to express oneself, to be more true to oneself and one’s tastes. They are externalities that become part of one’s personality.

Today, millions of people consume cannabis, and millions more have tattoos. They even converge on one point: tattoos inspired by weed.

As variety is one of the hallmarks of the cannabis world, it is not surprising that it is also one of the hallmarks of tattoos. There are big and small, black and colorful, evident and subtle. Many options for all tastes. Whatever you choose, it must be a symbol that has a special meaning for you.

We’ve compiled some of the coolest around the world to find the best weed-inspired tattoos. There is a wide variety of styles, so expect a lot of different techniques and designs.

Close To The Heart

This tattoo combines a semi mandala with the cusp of cannabis, keeping close to the heart what we love the most and what brightens our days. A boho-inspired tattoo that will attract attention.

Two Hands One Joint

This tattoo is simple but very cool. A sexy representation of putting together a joint with style. 

A Mystery Within

Photo courtesy of Tattoodo

This tattoo is a true work of art. The cannabis leaf is filled with smoke and seductive woman’s lips. The shades of black and gray make it look like a real mystery. A tattoo that will surely catch the attention of whoever sees it.

Best Buds

If you are looking for an option to get a tattoo with your best friend. Well, here is the best idea you will see. Best buds are the link between friendship and weed in a creative and unique tattoo.

A Joint To Bring You Together

When you share a joint or a preroll with someone, there is already a connection.

It is a bond that is made without speaking, and that may not transcend, but it will always be there, and what better way to immortalize it than a tattoo that represents us as a joint has united us to so many people. 

Rolling The Universe

This is perhaps one of my favorite weed-inspired tattoos.

I feel that weed takes us to those unexplainable places that open up the world and that everything is at our fingertips. A simple tattoo that captures the essence of the bud. You’re not just rolling up a joint — you’re getting ready to know the universe.

Off Of The Earth

Weed takes us out of this world. And this tattoo seems cute to have a nice alien enjoying a joint.

Final Thoughts

Tattoos are ways of expressing ourselves and sharing parts of who we are.

We hope you enjoy these awesome and creative tattoos we’ve shown you and that you’ve already called your trusted tattoo artist.

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