A gathering of people at an event. October 17 marks the day adult-use cannabis is recreationally legal in Canada.

Toronto goes up in smoke on October 17. Here are seven places you will want to be.

Rapper Mike Jones shows off his grills in 2005. He is set to headline the Midwest Cannabis Cup in September 2018.

The Midwest Cannabis Cup will feature the best products in medicinal cannabis from around the world.

Canadian cannabis producer Aurora is hosting free concerts across the country.

This year, they’re unveiling a section called “Grass Lands.”

Caiti Beckwith of Denver, Colorado smokes a joint while watching the Snoop Lion documentary Reincarnated during the first ever "Green Carpet" event as a part of the High Times US Cannabis Cup at the Fillmore Auditorium on April 19, 2013 in Denver, Colorado. While cannabis is legal in Colorado and other states, it's still not permitted at most events. Outside Lands in California just announced it will be welcoming Cailfornia's cannabis industry with an education section called "Grass Lands."

The First Church of Cannabis wanted to light up joints during service.

Indiana's "First Church Of Cannabis" Banned From Using Pot as a "Sacrament"

Partnerships between the arts and cannabis are heating up in Canada. The partnership between Aurora and NXNE is the perfect example of how it’s done.

Sean Leon at NXNE

They’re shutting it down for six weeks of cleanup.

Vancouver Officials Want 420 Fest To Pay For Trashing A Major Local Park

The lineup includes Bassnectar, Ludacris and Sizzla.

Chalice Becomes The First Music Festival To Allow Weed Sales And Consumption On Site

“Sorry bro,” reads the festival’s website.


The cannabis space gets bigger and better every day. Companies are finding ways to grow and meet the needs of their fans. HERB is growing as well.

HERB, a cannabis technology company with the most engaged cannabis community in the world, is pleased to announce it has raised $4.1 million in seed funding.

Herb Logo

Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, and Ludacris are just some of the headliners for Chalice, America’s largest music, glass, hash, and art festival.


There will be a study at Washington State University that will pay people to smoke weed and get high, and they need volunteers.

Premier property Trump SoHo in New York will be hosting the first-ever “Cannabis in Commercial Real Estate Summit NYC,” on May 4.

Real Estate

From Australia to London, Canada to Amsterdam, America to Scotland, here’s how the world will be celebrating cannabis this 420.


As it turns out, California’s Coachella isn’t so weed-friendly after all, going after Lowell Farms and their special “Coachella Blend” for infringement.


DCMJ plans to remind the Trump administration that more Americans support POT than the POTUS, with thousands of free joints passed out on Capitol Hill.

capitol hill

On Saturday, April 22nd, 2017, there will be a public display of civil unrest in Washington DC. Get ready to tell Trump and Sessions F-U on 4/22.


The Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert will be held at Wynwood Yard, and Trick Daddy is more than excited to defend the legal status of medical cannabis.

Trick Daddy