By controlling every step of the process, this farm thinks it’s found the recipe for the best full spectrum hemp oil.

Amazon is donating money to NORML to legalize weed. Here, CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos is taken on a tour of the plants around The Spheres during the grand opening at the Amazon Spheres in Seattle, Washington on January 29, 2018.

Make a purchase, support your favorite herb.

Amy Margolis stands in an indoor cannabis grow

Amy Margolis became one of the most successful women in cannabis. Now, she’s helping others.

For the first time, the world is seeing something it never has before: cannabis billionaires, abiding entirely by the law.

Brendan Kennedy, CEO, Privateer Holdings is among the world's first cannabis billionaires.

Some of the largest corporations in America are wondering whether it’s time to get into the cannabis space.

Walmart Considers Selling Cannabis-Infused Products. Here, the exterior of a walmart is shown

Growing quality cannabis starts with respect for the plant

A worker in the 7ACRES facility tends the canopy

The cannabis industry is slated for massive growth—and it’s bringing other markets along for the ride.

Makeup is one of the major industries being disrupted by cannabis. CBD mascaras and a brow gel are now available at Sephoras

A kitchen in Arizona serving up cannabis-infused edibles, from vegetarian options to dessert, has officially opened for business.

A chef is on the verge of tossing dough. In Arizona, a kitchen and takeout restaurant called the Mint Dispensary, just opened its doors and will be offering cannabis-infused edibles.

Coca-Cola recently expressed interest in the cannabis space. Is a Pepsi cannabis drink next?

A Pepsi cannabis drink could be on the horizon.

Since cannabis is more energy efficient than beer, you’re basically helping to save the environment by choosing a joint over a six-pack—right?

A young man smokes weed by a window. Not only is weed a better way to relax, but a new report reveals that cannabis is more energy efficient than beer.

Canadian cannabis advertising laws prevent celebrity endorsements of cannabis brands.

Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan) performing in Zénith, Paris on May 23, 2013. Wu-Tang Clan performed for free in Toronto on Saturday in partnership with a cannabis producer, raising questions about canadian cannabis advertising which restricts celebrity endorsements

The DOPE Magazine acquisition is part of a series of purchases by High Times.

High Times Buys DOPE Magazine For More Than $11 million

What do weed and wine have in common? Apparently, prestige can be based on where you grow.

Weed and wine, what could they have in common? Apparently, prestige based on growing region.

Canada is legalizing recreational cannabis for adult use on October 17, so now would be the time to take a college course on cannabis.

Students gather around a computer in a library. Canada is legalizing recreational cannabis for adult use on October 17, so now would be the time to take a college course on cannabis.

After reporters lab tested Kronic Juice vapes, the company’s website was taken down.

Kronic Juice Vape Pens Found to Have Dangerous Synthetic Weed Product. Here, a man is shown exhaling smoke

Canadian cannabis company AHLOT has a sweet offer for herb lovers.

A man holds a cannabis product. A canadian cannabis company is seeking weed-smokers to test product for $50/hour.

Vape pens, live resin, shatter! The sale of concentrates could overtake flower by 2020.

A man smokes cannabis. A new report says concentrates could overtake flower sales by 2020.

Legal weed shipments across state lines would transform the cannabis industry.

Will Oregon Be The First State To Allow weed shipments across state lines? Here, a semi truck is shown on a highway

No final decisions have been made, but Coca-Cola is seriously considering the benefits of CBD.

Employees inspect cannabis plants at a facility. In this article, Herb explores how Coca-Cola wants to get into the weed game with CBD infused drinks.