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Inspired On Bob Marley, The First Global Psychedelic Mushroom Brand Is Here

Bob Marley's family and the psychedelic company Silo Wellness partnered and brought to market the first international brand of functional and psychedelic mushroom products.

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This Friday, Silo Wellness announced the launch of Marley One. The first global functional and psychedelic mushroom consumer brand. 

Everything started in March when Silo Wellness announced a multi-year licensing agreement with Bob Marley’s family for exclusive rights to brand, market, and sell a functional and psychedelic mushroom product line.

Marley One will offer a range of functional mushroom tinctures with blends initially made to highlight the brand’s connection with its Jamaican roots. 

The tinctures use ingredients like cordyceps, lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and turkey tail, always aiming to promote health and wellness benefits from immunity and gut health to cognitive function and sleep enhancement. 

Silo Wellness’ CEO, Douglas K. Gordon, emphasized that both companies “are building what will become the world’s first global functional and psychedelic mushroom brand, guided by our vision to help people achieve healthier, more fulfilling lives and become the best versions of themselves.”

He added that Marley One has “a portfolio of branded mushroom products with instant name recognition and global visibility honoring Bob Marley’s legacy and connection to nature and plant-based wellbeing.”

The Marley One product line includes five mushroom extract tinctures made 100% with natural ingredients, non-GMO, and with no synthetic or artificial colors.  

  • One Body: A berry-flavored blend of turkey tail and astragalus designed to support immune health. 
  • One Flow: A peppermint-flavored blend of cordyceps and ginseng designed to enhance physical endurance and mental function. 
  • One Mind: A coffee-flavored blend of lion’s mane and ginkgo biloba designed to improve focus and cognitive function. 
  • One Rest: A vanilla-flavored blend of reishi and GABA designed to help reduce tension and stress and improve sleep quality.
  • One Harmony: A mango-flavored blend of chaga and ginger designed to stimulate gut health and improve digestion.

As Marley One plans to add gummies, capsules, and cosmetics to their portfolio soon, more developments are expected.

This collaboration marks the first step towards destigmatizing psychedelic mushrooms in our society by offering quality products from a trusted brand. 

Cedella Marley, CEO of Bob Marley Corporation, said “we seek to use our platform to inspire positive change, and the launch of the Marley One mushroom brand, in collaboration with a pioneering company like Silo Wellness, allows us to do just that by marrying ancient wisdom with modern science.” 

Head over to www.marley.one for more info on therapeutic mushrooms and all the benefits they offer

June 26, 2021 — Last Updated June 27, 2021
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June 26, 2021 — Last Updated June 27, 2021

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