How is it possible you ask?

Well first of all, place yourself in Hollywood, CA where anything goes and extravagance wins. Then put yourself in attendance of surely one of the coolest fundraisers of all-time, held by Alternative Herbal Health Services, the oldest and most renown dispensary in West Hollywood.

Owners Jason Beck and Dr. Dina held the fundraiser in support of victims of the failed drug war, particularly those that have been incarcerated. Stephanie Landa, the star of the video and head of Prisoner Outreach for the Can Do Foundation, served 5 years in federal prison for a marijuana charge. Now she’s smoking with a cop inside his vehicle.

Watch Stephanie enjoy her turn at the event, sitting in a real cop car with an ex-cop in uniform, hotboxing and narrating the whole experience via the car megaphone. What a moment. 

HotboxCops 1024x570 Smoke with a cop and hotbox his car for $20? The greatest fundraiser ever!