It gets you high – the number one reason cannabis is amazing. It’s what you desire from your high that produces the other awesome reasons. If you are a medicinal user of marijuana you probably value it differently than recreational users. If you grow marijuana you probably value it differently than someone who doesn’t grow – and so on.

Whatever your relationship with marijuana, the most important thing is that you have one. These are just 10 of the reasons marijuana is awesome – I bet you’ve got more.

1. Marijuana gets you high

10 facts high 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Amazing

Thanks to the wonderful effects of THC, marijuana gets us high. Our brains have what is called an Endocannabinoid System that attracts the THC from the cannabis you consume.

2. You can cook with marijuana

10 facts food 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Amazing

Marijuana is awesome because you can cook with it. The Stoner’s Cookbook is a great resource for people of any skill level who are looking to learn about cooking with marijuana or just to find some new recipes. Marijuana can be made into sweet snacks, savory dishes, and even a variety of drinks. Also, cooking with marijuana gives you the opportunity to utilize all parts of the plant.

3. Marijuana is medicine

dispensary 2 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Amazing
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Medicinal marijuana is helping millions of people in every part of the world. Studies show that marijuana can kill cancer and help patients in a variety of ways. Isolated components of the marijuana plant, such as CBD, are helping patients with epilepsy and pain management.

4. A substitute for addictive pain medications

strains for pain 5 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Amazing
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In addition to helping manage the chronic pain many people live with, marijuana can actually help people escape the addictive qualities that many opiate-based pain medication possess. A recent study showed that 80.3% of people substitute marijuana for prescription pain medications.

5. Food tastes better

10 facts taste 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Amazing
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Yeah the munchies are great, but they can still just be eating out of “stonedom” rather than for a wonderful culinary experience. When you are high, your senses are heightened including taste and smell, which directly affects your gastro-experience.

6. Makes hobbies more enjoyable

10 facts hobbies 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Amazing
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Have you ever seen the back of a $20 bill when high? The Enhancement Smoker from Half Baked believed that everything was better when high. He may have been taking it a little far by spending his time staring at the 20 (there is some cool stuff there), but marijuana makes many activities more enjoyable. Everything from skating, to playing golf, to staying watching Netflix can be enhanced by marijuana.

7. Great for socializing

10 facts friends 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Amazing

Marijuana can be great for social settings. The ritual of rolling then smoking a joint with a group of friends can be the perfect bonding experience. There’s nothing better than sitting around a campfire on a crisp fall night passing a joint of the finest with your friends.

8. Helps you sleep

ms sleep 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Amazing
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Marijuana can be a great sleep aid. Consuming THC has proven to reduce the time it takes us to fall asleep. Marijuana also puts us into a deeper sleep that is important for body restoration. Indica strains are associated with causing sleepiness.

9. Creates jobs

10 facts jobs 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Amazing
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Marijuana legalization in states like Colorado and Washington has created millions of jobs. Colorado expects to create over 200,000 jobs in the cannabis industry in 2015.

10. Legal marijuana provides funding for education

The taxes collected on the sale of medicinal and recreational marijuana in states like Colorado, are used to fund public education programs. In the first 5 months of 2015 taxes on marijuana in Colorado generated $13.6 million for school programs.

There are many reasons that marijuana is awesome – the list doesn’t stop here. 

What other reasons do you have? Let us know on social media.