San Francisco Girl Scout Danielle Lei clearly understands the economic principles of supply and demand. Noticing that marijuana users often have the need for Thin Mints and Do-Si-Dos she set up shop where no Girl Scout has before – a marijuana dispensary.

If you manage to get a panel of Fox News analysts to laugh about marijuana, you must be doing something right. Lei who set up her cookie stand in front of San Francisco marijuana dispensary The Green Cross, managed to sell 117 boxes of cookies in just 2 hours. According to Fox News, that is 37 more boxes than she sold in a day in front of a local Safeway grocery store.

One of the Fox News commentators ironically declared:

“Marijuana is not psychologically addictive or physically addictive, but these cookies are”.

After the panel had a good laugh about the idea of the cookies being addictive, they admitted that Lei had a great entrepreneurial spirit. The panel then compares coming out of a dispensary to buy cookies with their days of leaving the bars at 2am and buying White Castle burgers. If you ask me, dispensary shoppers are setting a much better example at 2pm than most people leaving the bar at 2am.

A helpful way to talk about marijuana. Carol Lei, Danielle’s mother said,

“The experience is a helpful way to start a conversation with my daughter about different kinds of drug use”.

Carol Lei is certainly a pioneer when it comes to talking to kids about marijuana. The California Girl Scouts are aware of Danielle’s tactics and they are fine with it. However, Colorado Girl Scouts are not allowed to set up outside of dispensaries or bars.