James Silva is the Emmy-nominated host of National Geographic channel’s “Brain Games” and in the video below, he puts his mind to the subject of legal cannabis. His thoughts on where it will take us as a society, even as a species, are mind-blowing.

“Limitless Medicinal Potential”

brain games CI 1 Brain games Host: Marijuana Will Free Your Mind
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Jason Silva goes on to mention the many virtues of cannabis, even its ability to shrink tumors. We have come such a long way in our understanding of the abilities of this non-toxic plant to improve our health and well-being, but the medical benefits are just the tip of the iceberg in Silva’s informed opinion.

“Cognitive Liberty”

brain games CI 2 Brain games Host: Marijuana Will Free Your Mind
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Silva extolls the virtues of “cognitive liberty”;

“…founded on the principles of free thought and the idea that everybody should be able to think what they want and do what they want to do as long as the’re not hurting anybody else. And this is, you know nowhere more exemplified than in the right to choose a marijuana joint over a martini of that’s what floats your boat.”

“Cultural Enhancement”

brain games CI 3 Brain games Host: Marijuana Will Free Your Mind
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Silva is most excited about the creative and specialized culture that will become an enhancement and even a catalyst for increased appreciation of the arts. Movies, symphonies, nature…

“…And, you know, it’s just very exciting because I think that we’re going to see new forms of entertainment, new forms of sort of – new cultural spaces for people to partake in what the’ve been doing for hundreds of thousands of years which is altering our conciousness whether it’s through external technologies or internal technologies.”

Watch the video below, and get wrapped up in the excitement of this philosopher as he shares his enthusiasm for the changes that will manifest in our bodies, our societies, and our minds.

What do you think will be the biggest benefit of cannabis legalization? Can you think of one that no one has mentioned? Let us know your thoughts on our social media page or in the comments section below.