While cannabis users and the industry at large are trying hard to change the image of the herb, sometimes we need to just sit back, relax, and have a good laugh. If you want to see a hilarious and incredibly detailed animation, you need to watch the Nug Nation. 

The next big underground cult sensation

nug nation gas station The Nug Nation Is Your New Favorite Animation
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If you like irreverent, scathing comedy like South Park, the dark humor of Adult Swim, or the hilarity of great stop-motion animation favorites like “Celebrity Death Match” or “Robot Chicken”, then you have found your new obsession. With cannabis buds transformed into charismatic characters and their own unique take on the latest news and culture, these nugs might just become your new “bud-dies.”

One of the funniest things about the Nugs is their hidden plays on words and brands throughout the show, like Gnarlbro and Blazerade. Even better, each character is made to represent a different strain, and made of it too! From Afghan haze to Diesel, White Widow to OG Kush, watch your favorite smokes come alive as walking, talking weed!

A new cannabis community

nug nation all characters The Nug Nation Is Your New Favorite Animation
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You read it here first: The Nugs are going to be big. Weed and comedy (and weed and animation) are a match made in heaven. You can reminisce on your childhood days in a wake and bake daze with the cartoon show designed just for adult stoners.

The Nug Nation: A great market in the making

nug nation logo The Nug Nation Is Your New Favorite Animation
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Mikey Peterson, creator of the Nug Nation, spoke to us about his vision for the little guys.

We wanted to create something new and fresh, and we also saw an opportunity to fill a void with content that’s completely unique. We’re excited to position ourselves as a leader in cannabis content production and creative marketing.

Rest assured, a lot of people are going to fall in love with the crazy characters of this cannabis comedy, and if you happen to have a product or service that needs some mass exposure, then marketing with Nug Nation might just be a great way to get it. Judge for yourself. Watch the pilot episode and try not to choke on a bong hit. It hurts.

Are you wanting to see more episodes of the Nug Nation as much as I am? These guys are hilarious! Share your favorite hidden jokes and strains with us on social media or in the comments below. Who knows? Maybe your suggestion might just become a new character!