Over the last 20 years, there have been a lot of changes in the world. Cell phones have gone from large handbags to sleek supercomputers. The internet, once a dial-up doldrum, now zooms at streaming speeds we could only dream of before. Video games have rocked reality with graphic advances. And, of course, cannabis has gone from underground love to bordering on mainstream acceptance. Through all of this, the politics and the scandals, the war and wonder, one small town has been there for us. South Park, Colorado.

South Park, celebrating 20 years

southpark 1 South Park Is Gearing Up For Season 20. Feeling Old Yet?
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With their 20th season on the way, South Park is celebrating with all-new adventures a new logo, and an all-new video game. Over the next several months, Comedy Central and South Park Digital studios will host a wide range of exciting events: on-air, online, and in person across the country.

Stay tuned for the launch of a redesigned South Park app, as well as an all-new Avatar Creator. Get ready for a traveling art exhibit featuring the talent of street pop culture artist Ron English. In addition, the South Park 20 Experience is on the way, featuring iconic 2D/3D moments over the years.

The new game

southpark 2 South Park Is Gearing Up For Season 20. Feeling Old Yet?
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The Fractured but Wholethe new game from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, takes up where The Stick of Truth left off, with a twist. In The Stick of Truth, players broke ground in a traditional RPG fantasy environment, vying to become king. Now, the boys of South Park switch to superhero comic games, and you have to start at the bottom once again.

Taking a cue from the Marvel universe, the boys splinter into two factions of superheroes. Vying to create a multi-million dollar movie franchise, they battle it out for super-powered supremacy.

The gameplay intensifies with cooler moves, more interactive environment, and enhanced battle modes. You can move around during battle, using cover, combo moves, and even altering the fabric of reality with the power of flatulence.

Trey & Matt on the game

southpark 3 South Park Is Gearing Up For Season 20. Feeling Old Yet?
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The guys the world loves to hate ventured to Comic-Con recently to unveil a sneak peek of the game. Matt decried the antiquated gameplay of the 90’s, saying,

We wanted it to look like you were in an episode of South Park, and the technology just wasn’t there until Xbox 360 generation. We just hated that. So when it looked like the show we got excited.

Trey bubbled with excitement over the new style and interactive gameplay.

We knew we wanted it to be story-driven so we knew we wanted it to be RPG. When I [played], RPGs were my favorite…and I was big into ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ And I’m totally back into it now.

Are you excited yet?

southpark 4 South Park Is Gearing Up For Season 20. Feeling Old Yet?
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The dysfunctional duo that have kept us laughing so hard, we surely must be headed to hell have done it again. Soon, you can binge game on your couch with your favorite maladjusted Marvel-esque munchkins like never before. Load up on the snacks, the weed, and don’t forget that lucky red-eyed towel, because you might just wet yourself a time or two. The Fractured but Whole looks to release in December.

Did you grow up smoking a bowl and watching South Park? What are your most memorable moments? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.